ISSUE 13  |  Sonoma Style

Furniture: Flatpack Table and Chair from Studio Civico

March 28, 2011 5:05 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

When I was an architecture student and building models of my projects, I learned very quickly to maximize in order to economize; the challenge always was to see how many pieces I could cull from one sheet of cardboard.

Dan Civico from Studio Civico in Newcastle upon Tyne does just this with his ChairKIT, a limited-edition range of high-quality self-build chairs and tables sold in flat pack/wall art form. ChairKIT uses the latest cutting technologies so that each kit can be produced from one sheet of plywood with minimal waste and energy consumption. The kit comes with almost everything needed for construction (although Dan told me recently at 100 Percent Design that many people who buy the kit seem to prefer their chairs on walls).

Above: ChairKIT is available directly from Studio Civico for £200.