Functional Tiles: The Dutch Think of Everything by

Issue 61 · Bath & Spa · February 27, 2013

Functional Tiles: The Dutch Think of Everything

Issue 61 · Bath & Spa · February 27, 2013

Leave it to the Dutch to figure out a way to integrate function into the concept of tiling. "We love tiles so much that we do not want to interrupt that grid for any reason," say the designers.

Dutch designers Peter van der Jagt, Erik Jan Kwakkel, and Arnout Visser invented DTile, a versatile tile system featuring built-in items for every day use. The functional tiles come with integrated fixtures, such as ceramic hooks, plugholes, and drawers. For more information and a list of dealers, go to DTile.

Built-in Tile Drawer, Remodelista

Above: A built-in tiled drawer.

DTile Toilet Paper Holder, Remodelista

Above: Have we found the perfect toilet paper holder? We think so. For another option, see Crisis in the Commode: Powder Room Edition.

A Vent Built into a Piece of Tile, Remodelista

Above: A tile square made into a vent.

Tiled Cubes as Shelves, Remodelista

Above: Tiled cubes that function as shelves.

A Red Cross Tiled Drawer, Remodelista

Above: A Red Cross-tiled drawer.

A Sixty-Minute Timer Built Into Tile, Remodelista

Above: A 60-minute timer.

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