ISSUE 41  |  Moody Artistes

Fabrics & Linens: White and Gray Curtains in Barcelona

October 14, 2011 3:30 PM

BY Christine Chang Hanway

We have a love-hate relationship with curtains: They add texture and warmth, but they can also hide or mask the architecture of a space. So when we spotted the home of Barcelona-based designer Montse Esteva on Kikette, we took notice. Esteva uses blocks of gray and white curtains to bring a modern accent to his high-ceilinged, traditional living room; by installing the curtain rods several inches above the French doors, he highlights (rather than hides) the traditional door frames.

Photography via Nuevo Estilo.

Above: There is ample space between the simple curtain rod and the top of the French doors.

Above: The gray curtains, arranged in pairs on either side of the white curtains, gives the room a touch of formality.