Editors' Picks: 10 Best Pajamas for a Good Night's Sleep by

Issue 98 · Under the Covers · November 13, 2013

Editors' Picks: 10 Best Pajamas for a Good Night's Sleep

Issue 98 · Under the Covers · November 13, 2013

Last week, Julie was on a panel at the Design Leadership Summit in NYC along with two other sleep-deprived bloggers from Lonny and AT (it's the nature of the business!). So we took note when Arianna Huffington, the next speaker, held forth about the importance of a good night's rest when it comes to our health and mental acuity (sleep is her new cause). Good design, she told her audience of architects and interior designers, enhances our sense of well being. She also advocated for nap rooms in work places (we're in complete agreement). But no matter what our surroundings are, we find that putting on a favorite pair of pajamas is a sure-bet way to unwind. Here, the sleepwear that we swear by—plus some investment pieces that we dream about.

Steven Alan Pajamas Remodelista

Above: Julie's coveting the Boyfriend PJ Top is $178 and the matching New PJ Pant is $145; both at Steven Alan.

Dosa Kurta Pajamas Remodelista

Above: The Dosa Tassel Kurta ($205) and Dosa Tassel Pants ($150) are a night and day wardrobe staple made of the lightest khadi cotton by Dosa, one of our favorite fashion lines; both are available at Tiina the Store.

Olatz Pajamas Remodelista

Above: For the woman (or man) who has everything: the silk Pajama Set from luxury bedding purveyor Olatz (Schnabel); $750 at Tiina the Store.

Hanro Gray Button Up Pajamas Remodelista

Above: Julie's favorite: Tonight Button-Front Pajamas from 130-year-old Swiss company Hanro, made from their signature silky mercerized cotton; $198 from Neiman Marcus (pricey, yes, but they last for years).

Araks Pajamas Remodelista

Above: Understated luxury from Araks: the Ally Pajama set is made of cotton wool with contrasting silk chiffon piping, mother of pearl buttons, and cotton twill tape drawstring. The Kate Pajama Top in Aranthera Heather is $280 and the Ally Pajama Pant in Aranthera Heather is $192.

Brooks Brothers Pajamas Remodelista

Above: Brooks Brothers' cotton poplin Stripe Pajamas feature a boxy cut and satin piping; $98.50. A similar design for men: Brooks Brothers' Wrinkle-Resistant Oxford Pajamas, $98.50. 

Paley Pajamas Sleepy Jones Remodelista

Above: Stitched in the US of European end on end fabric, the cotton Paley Pajama Shirt is $165 and the Paley Pajama Pant is $154 from Sleepy Jones (Andy Spade's new sleepwear line).

J Crew Pajamas Remodelista

Above: Francesca uses the same white towels (from Land's End) and white sheets interchangeably throughout her house. She sleeps—no surprise—in a white J. Crew Vintage Pajama Set; $95. A similar J.Crew design, the Classic Cotton Poplin Pajama set, $69.50, is available for men.

Liberty Pajamas Sleepy Jones Remodelista

Above: On my wish list: Sleepy Jones's Henry Pajama Shirt, $142, and Sol Pajama Pant, $136, in the same floral Liberty Print as a smocked dress that my daughter wore many years ago ( I'm not usually one for florals, but I liked this one so much, I saved the dress). I just discovered that these pajamas are for men, so my husband may be in for a surprise. (Sleepy Jones offers a darker Liberty Print, the Marina Pajama Shirt and Marina Pajama Pant, for women.)

Coyuchi Heather Flannel Pajamas Remodelista

Above: Coyuchi's Women's Flannel Pajamas are made in Germany by a family-owned mill founded in 1885 and feature mother of pearl buttons; $212 from Coyuchi (includes a wood gift box).


JCrew gingham flannel pajamas | Remodelista

Above: Erin loves the throwback look of J. Crew's Pajama Set in Gingham Flannel; $95. She's so petite, she wears xx-small—yes, it's a real size.

  Calida Pajamas Remodelista

Above: Meredith is a fan of Silky Seduction, a one-piece modal getup, €119 from Calida, a Swiss brand that Izabella also swears by. Says Meredith, "I've been in my pajamas during a few morning Skype meetings; the neckline looks like a daytime shirt, and if I slip on some earrings, my cohorts are none the wiser."

Petit Bateau Pajamas Remodelista

Above: Christine swears by the soft coziness of Petit Bateau pajamas; she got hooked on them when her teenage sons were babies. They may no longer wear them, but she can't break the habit because she has not found any pajamas more comfortable. The Girl's Pajamas in Opale Blue are £37 from Petit Bateau (women can order teen sizes, which go up to age 18).

Marigot Pajamas Remodelista

Above: A reader tipped us off to Marigot, a NY-based maker of sleepwear. We like the Azalea Classic Long Pajama Set, made of 100 percent cotton (available with five different piping colors); $132 from Marigot.

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