ISSUE 44  |  In the Kitchen

DIY: Concrete Block Planters

November 01, 2010 3:30 PM

BY Allison Bloom

On a recent trip to the hardware store, I spotted a wall of basalite concrete blocks, which got me thinking about all sorts of possible uses; coffee table base, bookshelf support, or planters. Commonly used to build perimeter walls and outbuildings, basalite blocks connote low design–if any. But as planters, they function as sculpture, especially when stacked randomly (if you’re using them on a wood surface, protect the wood from contact with wet soil by setting the basalite block on top of a sheet of heavy plastic cut to the dimensions of the block base).

Above: Basalite blocks planted with succulents line the stairs to my entry.

Above: Basalite blocks also come in full size (16″x 8″ x 8″) to accommodate two plants; available at Home Depot for $1.48.

Above: Simply Succulents is a good online source for a wide range of succulents; prices start at $5.95 for a single succulent. Succulent Collections are also available, starting at $21.95 for six.

Above: Basalite 8-Inch-Square Half Block; $1.26 at Home Depot.

Above: Succulent Container Gardens; $19.77 at Amazon.