Star Wars: Is Melbourne the New Coffee Bar Capital? by

Issue 82 · Australia by Design · July 22, 2013

Star Wars: Is Melbourne the New Coffee Bar Capital?

Issue 82 · Australia by Design · July 22, 2013

Melbourne coffee maestro Luke Mutton of Dead Man Espresso recently opened a new venture called Common Galaxia, redefining the concept of the bespoke coffee bar. The interiors were designed by Mutton's company Sunkland in collaboration with Justin Lamont of Life Space Journey, who created all the fittings: the lighting, tables, chairs, trolleys, shelving, cutlery holders, even the sink. (Mutton also notes, "The builder was Fido Projects, who also had much input in the design.") The result is a rugged yet refined space featuring a mix of materials: raw steel, untanned leather chairs, copper coffee canisters, plus pastel powder-coated fixtures and fittings. For more, go to Common Galaxia.

Common Galaxia Coffee Bar Remodelista

Above: A Two-Piece Light by Light Space Journey hangs over a custom table.

Common Galaxia barista remodelista

Above: Illogical Study designed the coffee-making system.

Common Galaxia Coffee Shop Melbourne Remodelista

Above: The dining chairs feature untanned leather seats and backs wrapped on a steel frame.

Common Galaxia Sink Remodelista

Above: A bucket sink by Life Space Journey.

Common Galaxia Sink Area Melbourne Remodelista

Above: Custom powder-coated steel shelving over the work sink.

Common Galaxia Coffee Cart

Above: A custom drinks trolley.

Common Galaxia Shelf

Above: The walls are paneled in American oak veneer.

Common Galaxia Lighting Australia Remodelista

Above: All lighting fixtures were custom made for Common Galaxia by Life Space Journey.

Common Galaxia wall shelves

Above: Copper coffee tins line a wall.

Common Galaxia Melbourne Coffee Bar Silverware Holder

Above: Sunkland and Life Space Journey created the clever cutlery holders than hang off the the tables.

Do you agree with us that Melbourne is the capital of stylish coffee shops? Check out Market Lane Coffee, Fast Espresso for Slowpokes, and A Coin Laundry Turned Cafe and tell us if you think we're onto something!


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