The Secret Garden: An Artist's Atelier in France by

Issue 84 · In the Art Studio · August 6, 2013

The Secret Garden: An Artist's Atelier in France

Issue 84 · In the Art Studio · August 6, 2013

Claire Basler lives and works in a former schoolhouse in Les Ormes, on the outskirts of Paris, where she creates enormous floral arrangements on a daily basis as the subject of her large-scale paintings.

Basler, who studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, spent hours in the Louvre, observing classic masterpieces, and was inspired by French 18th century painting, Watteau in particular. "In her garden, she witnesses nature's fight for life against the wind, the rain, and the sun," according to the Telegraph. "This is what Claire Basler portrays in her paintings: the strength and frailty of a flower, the reassuring nature of a tree, the metamorphosis of a simple poppy." To read more, go to Roseland Art & Decoration. Photos via Claire Basler

Claire Basler House Exterior Remodelista

Above: Basler's home is a former schoolhouse.

claire basler 17

Above: Basler at work in her studio.

claire basler 1

Above: Basler creates her daily floral arrangements from her own gardens.

Claire Basler Studio Work Remodelista

Above: Basler at work.

claire basler 5

Above: Tools of the trade.

Claire Basler Book Shelves Remodelista

Above: Basler's library, with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

claire basler 3

Above: A work by Basler hangs in the library.

Claire Basier Green Fireplace Remodelista

Above: In the dining room, a mantel is painted an unexpected shade of green.

claire basler dining room remodelista

Above: A row of Ikea Maskros pendants. 

claire basler 2

Above: Green dining chairs echo the room's palette.

Claire Basler Kitchen Remodelista

Above: Basler's kitchen is painted a sunny yellow.

Claire Basler Studio Artemide Lamp Remodelista

Above: A pair of Artemide Tolomeo lights illuminates the study.

Claire Basler Bedroom

Above: Basler's bedroom is pared down and simple.

Claire Basler Flowers Exterior Remodelista

Above: Flowers everywhere.

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