Brushing Up on Traditions by

Issue 10 · Channeling Downton Abbey · March 7, 2012

Brushing Up on Traditions

Issue 10 · Channeling Downton Abbey · March 7, 2012

Based in North Yorkshire, England, Turner & Harper is a new housewares line based on founder Tom Harper's "interest in everyday things."

Everything is manufactured by craftspeople in the UK, who shape the metal dustpans with mallets, blast steel with fine glass to refine the finish, and oil the handles of wooden brushes by hand.

Turner and Harper brooms and brushes

Above: To see the line, go to Turner & Harper; the products can also be sourced from Labour & Wait.

Hog-bristle brush with an oil-finish

Above: The hog-bristle Brush has an oil-finished handle; £40.

Turner and Harper stainless steel dustpan

Above: The Stainless Steel Dustpan has a red handle to grip the brush (sold separately); £65.

Hog-bristle brush for sweeping

Above: A little detail on the hog-bristle brush handle.

Enamel basin and brushes

Above: The Vitreous Enamel Basin is made of heavy-gauge steel; it's currently on sale for £35.

Grey enamel bin for cleaning

Above: The enamel bins are available in grey, off white, and black.

Walnut handle brooms

Above: The Broom & Hook are sold as a set: the broom has a walnut handle and hog bristles, with a powder-coated steel hook; £125.

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