Bonfire Basics: 5 Campfire Essentials by

Issue 58 · On the Mountain · February 5, 2013

Bonfire Basics: 5 Campfire Essentials

Issue 58 · On the Mountain · February 5, 2013

Even in the colder months, sitting around a campfire can be a magical experience. But to beat the cold, you do need to have the right tools.

winter campfire by Best Made

Above: As avid outdoorsmen, the guys at Best Made manufacture rugged tools that make camping possible all-year-round. As New Yorkers, they do so with style.

bon-fire log from Terrain

Above: If you don't feel like chopping wood yourself, tote along Terrain's bonfire log. Requiring only a single match to light, this dry kiln log is an instant campfire-on-the-go; $28.

special edition axes by Best Made

Above: Rugged types will want to chop their own firewood with the best: Best Made's special edition axe. Beautifully forged by fourth-generation axe makers, the high carbon American steel head sits atop a gracefully curved hickory helve. Available plain or in a myriad of hand-painted hues, this heirloom quality axe is elegant tool for the real woodsman; $135 to $300. For ease packing in and out of the forest Best Made also makes a padded duck canvas case; $110.

oak and canvas camp chair by Best Made

Above: Built to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements, Best Made's camp chair is made from study white oak and durable duck canvas. Simply flip the back down and this versatile seat instantly converts to a stool. Available in three shades: natural, red, and gray; $185.

Hudson Bay Point Millenium blanket

Above: For extra warmth, wrap yourself in a blanket by the company that's been keeping campers cozy for decades. Hudson Bay Millenium Point Blanket features the company's signature stripes, updated to a more modern palette. Available in twin to king; $295 to $350.

Light My Fire Grandpa's FireFork

Above: The Swedish camping experts at Light My Fire have conceived of the ingenious tool that turns any stick into an instant and much more secure FireFork; $4.95.

s'more kit by whimsy and spice

Above: Don't forget the S'mores: Made by Brooklyn confectioners Whimsy and Spice, this delectable S'mores kit features Mark's homemade marshmallows (a personal favorite of mine), house-made graham cracker shortbread cookies, and squares of chocolate from Madecasse; $18.

For a complete tutorial on how to build the perfect campfire, visit Love the Outdoors.

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