ISSUE 23  |  Summer Color

Banish the Plastic Wrap: Bees to the Rescue

June 05, 2012 5:30 PM

BY Justine Hand

Summertime means a lot more meals outdoors, which means more wasteful paper and plastic products. This season, we'll be thanking bees for a new product called Abeego, made with beeswax-infused cotton and hemp.

Designed by Toni Desrosiers and Colin Johnston, Abeego is a versatile line of reusable food storage solutions. Each product is made of sustainable, biodegradable materials: a blend of cotton and hemp, infused with beeswax (for durability), and plant extracts (which have antimicrobial properties). Minimally adorned with colorful zigzag stitches and vintage-style tension ties, Abeego harkens back to a time when everything was less chemically engineered, making it not only an eco-friendly, but also a stylish alternative to plastic.

Above: At room temperature, Abeego is more malleable and adhesive. A combination of pressure and the warmth of your hands allows it to mold tightly around any container. The wraps then stiffens when cooled.

Above: Durable, water resistant, and breathable, Abeego is ideal for wrapping anything from watermelon to cheese.

Above: Abeego, in a snack, wrap, or as a set of three different sized squares is available at Branch Home; $11 to $15.