ISSUE 26  |  Farmhouse Style

Art from Everyday Objects: East Market Street Antiques

June 29, 2012 6:30 PM

BY Margot Guralnick

Antiques dealer Sandra Mackintosh has the ability to see things in multiples, making art out of everyday objects.

Mackintosh specializes in the relics of quotidian living, such as whisk brooms, tin scoops, and hand-whittled clothespins. Individually none of these objects has a commanding presence. But grouped and displayed with variations of their own kind, as Mackintosh presents them, the humble is transformed into sculpture. Macintosh sells her collections at her Red Hook, New York, shop, East Market Street Antiques, and through the group website Vintage and Modern.

Above: A Calderesque array of wirework utensils and tools.

Above: Macintosh has us inspired to start creating our own artful groupings. Here she's gathered 21 old wooden printers' type question marks on metal bases.

Above: Macintosh's assemblages pinpoint the beauty in the mundane. One of her specialties is presenting childrens' painted metal sand shovels in tidy rows. She sells her wares as collections; this one is 48-inches wide and priced at $1,425.

Above: One large and two smaller collections of hand-wrought 19th century scissors mounted on old tobacco drying racks.

Above: Handmade 19th-century clothespins on a metal museum mount.

Above: Childrens' sand shovels and painted wooden fishing bobbers.