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Architect Visit: Minnehaha Creek Addition by Albertsson Hansen

December 15, 2010 9:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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Christine Albertsson and Todd Hansen of Albertsson & Hansen met at the University of Pennsylvania while studying for their Masters of Architecture degrees; they have "engaged in a 20-year conversation about architecture, their shared passion, ever since," as they say. The couple lives and works in Minneapolis, land of Nordic immigrants; together, they create buildings with a strong Scandinavian influence, combined with the simple lines of Shaker furniture and New England Colonial forms.

For the Minnehaha Creek Addition, the architects merged a small, New England saltbox with an addition faced in the red board and batten siding of a Swedish Stuga to create a new (yet traditional feeling) family home.

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Above: The original house was built in the 1930s and overlooks a creek.

Above: The architects added a Swedish-style addition to expand the living space.

Above: In the dining area, the architects used floor-to-ceiling Marvin wood double-hung windows to capitalize on the creek views.

Above: The sleek kitchen features custom wood cabinetry.

Above: Double-hung Marvin windows add a traditional note to the interiors.

Above: Walls of Marvin double-hung windows bring light to a bedroom

Above: In the bath, the architects introduced color and pattern (a pale blue wall, Josef Frank fabrics).