ISSUE 40  |  Outside In

Accessories: Indoor Swing

September 30, 2008 3:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

The first architect-designed house I spent time in (by Harvard GSD professor Paul Mitarachi) was outfitted with an indoor swing. While the grownups discussed politics and drank wine, the children swung on the swing. These photos remind me that for those lucky enough to live in large spaces with high ceilings, an indoor swing is a welcome diversion.


Above: An indoor swing via Ouno.


Above: The Skagerak Teak Swing is currently on sale for $152.58 at Teak, Wicker & More.

Above: The Tunto Keinu Swing from Finnish workshop Tunto Design is available at Rose and Radish in SF. Made of layered birch plywood, it’s available in green, light blue, or red for $250.