Accessories: Dip-Dyed Fabrics & Linens by

Issue 6 · Los Angeles Glamour · February 11, 2010

Accessories: Dip-Dyed Fabrics & Linens

Issue 6 · Los Angeles Glamour · February 11, 2010

Noticed recently: dip-dyed indigo fabrics and linens, which add a hipster touch to any interior.

Above: A dip-dyed tea towel spotted at Grijs.

Ocean Swell Curtain at Remodelista  

Above: A Swedish room via Emma's Design Blog; for a similar-looking curtain, investigate the Ocean Swell Curtain at Anthropologie (prices start at $138).

Kebnekaise Mountain Beanbag Chair at Remodelista

Above: Kebnekaise Mountain Beanbag Chair with cotton cover by Swedish design studio Little Red Stuga; €165 at Smallable.

  Cotton Patchwork Ombre Throw at Remodelista

Above: Cotton Patchwork Ombre Throw; $48 at Urban Outfitters.

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