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Accessories: Best Made Cloth Extension Cord

October 26, 2011 3:30 PM

BY Lizzie Hand

Interested in upgrading your extension cord situation? Act fast if you want one of Best Made's colorful (and covetable) Cloth Extension Cords, which sell out quickly (the black and the gold versions are currently available; the red and white herringbone one will be back in stock in November). The cloth-covered extension cords are woven in Massachusetts using three copper wires, each stranded and covered in PVC insulation; the wires are twisted together, padded, and braided with a durable cotton weave; cords are then assembled in New York using solid brass plug blades set in a rubber plug.

Above: The red and white herringbone cord will be back in stock in November.

Above: The Cloth Extension Cord in solid black or gold is $38.