ISSUE 48  |  The Rural Life

A Natural-Born Basket Maker in New Hampshire

November 29, 2012 7:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

Alice Ogden caned her first chair at age twelve, supported herself through college with weaving commissions, and found her perfect medium in basket making.

Today Ogden lives in rural Salisbury, New Hampshire ,where she's been making black ash baskets for more than thirty years. She sources her basket materials from nearby swamps and woods, with supplementary black ash and white oak supplied by her husband, who spends his time as a professional logger. Ogden has an eye for perfection, individually whittling handles identical to one another and refining each splint before weaving the piece together. A selection of her baskets are currently available at Studio Koto Koto; see more about her weaving process at Alice Ogden Black Ash Baskets.

Above: A round basket; for something similar, consider the rectangular Ash Lily Basket is $260 at Studio KotoKoto.

Above: A basket filled with Ogden's carved white oak basket handles.

Above: Two baskets in a hex weave pattern, the Onion Basket with Swing Handle (L) is $275 at Studio KotoKoto.

Above: Ogden at her home in Salisbury carving basket rims and handles from white oak.

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