ISSUE 7  |  Winter in the Desert

A Good Yarn

February 16, 2012 6:38 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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Spotted recently: colored yarn as a quick fix for a monochromatic palette at home.

After spending too much/not enough time on some of our favorite blogs, like Le Dans La and Loppelilla, we began noticing a pattern of bright yarn, artfully used to tie up items and as decorative accents. This left us wondering: Is colored yarn the next washi tape?

Above: Maxima Highlighter Merino Wool Yarn from Loopy Mango, a great yarn resource in SoHo; $15 per skein.

Above: A collection of sticks and seed pods is accented with hot-pink yarn; image via Le Dans La.

Above: A linen tablecloth features a hand-stitched border of cotton yarn; image via Moa og Kaffekoppen.

Above: A skein of yellow yarn; image via Le Dans La.

Above: Skeins of mocha-colored yarn piled in a stone bowl; image via Moa og Kaffekoppen.

Above: Yellow crocheted accents in a white room; image via Loppelilla.

Above: Pink and taupe yarn stand out in a natural reed basket; image via The Daily Purl.

Above: Pale pink embroidery thread is wrapped around dried leaves and echinacea stems; image via Le Dans La.