A Good Seed: Eileen Fisher Fifth Avenue by

Issue 16 · Going Green · April 22, 2014

A Good Seed: Eileen Fisher Fifth Avenue

Issue 16 · Going Green · April 22, 2014

Eileen Fisher is trying something new. The company's Fifth Avenue boutique is meant to function not only as a store, but as an exploratory space for the forward-thinking brand. By encouraging creativity in a place where customers can immediately respond to it, Eileen Fisher hopes to inspire greater ingenuity throughout the business as a whole. 

As for the store, expect unique takes on decor and merchandising, plus wares from other designers (including jewelry, hats, and bags). Visit regularly for the full effect.

Photography by Nicole Franzen for Remodelista. 

Eileen Fisher Fifth Avenue Store, Remodelista

Above: The Eileen Fisher Fifth Avenue store, located at 166 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, is flexible in fixtures and furnishings to encourage creative use of the space. 

Eileen Fisher Recycled Cardboard Ampersand in Fifth Avenue Store, Remodelista

Above: At Eileen Fisher, the "&" symbol represents the company's efforts to protect the environment, empower women and girls, and preserve traditional crafts and cultures. For the Fifth Avenue store, the Eileen Fisher team created an ampersand out of cardboard recycled from the company's New Jersey distribution center.

Eileen Fisher System Collection in Fifth Avenue Store, Remodelista

Above: The System collection forms the core of the Eileen Fisher brand: easy-to-wear, covetable basics—the beginning of any outfit or an end unto themselves. 

Eileen Fisher Style Tipster Nicole B in Fifth Avenue Store, Remodelista

Above: Eileen Fisher style "tipster" Nicole B. wears pieces from the spring collection.

Eileen Fisher Fifth Avenue Store and Style Tipster Nicole B, Remodelista

Above: Nicole browses through the racks for her favorite pieces. 

Eileen Fisher One Eleven Sample Collection at Fifth Avenue Store, Remodelista

Above: The One Eleven capsule collection is exclusive to the Fifth Avenue store. Chosen by the Eileen Fisher design studio, these pieces are hand-picked, one-off designs that push the brand in new directions. (And they're sold at reduced, sample sale prices.)

Eileen Fisher Green Eileen Initiative - Donate Gently Used Eileen Fisher Clothing, Remodelista

Above: A playful display highlighting the Green Eileen initiative: customers can donate their gently worn Eileen Fisher clothing and receive a $5 Eileen Fisher gift card for each piece. The clothes are then sold at reduced prices and all proceeds go to programs helping women and girls.

Facade of Eileen Fisher Fifth Avenue Concept Store, Remodelista

Above: Starting in 2014, Eileen Fisher committed to increasing its use of organic fibers by 10 percent each year. To celebrate Earth Month, the Fifth Avenue storefront windows have been decorated to share the company's eco message.

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