10 Easy Pieces: Countertop Dish Drainers by

Issue 93 · Eastern Europe · October 9, 2013

10 Easy Pieces: Countertop Dish Drainers

Issue 93 · Eastern Europe · October 9, 2013

When it comes to doing dishes, I'm a hand-washer through and through. While I admit that this isn't entirely by choice (no dishwasher), for me, attractive accessories go a long way to elevating the chore. True, there are plenty of dish drying racks on the market, and just about all do the trick. But it took a long search to find the few that qualify as good-looking enough to leave out on the counter.

A Detacher Tornillo Wooden Dish Rack | Remodelista

Above: The Tornillo Wooden Dish Rack is made from tornillo, a South American hardwood, and hooks onto the edges of the sink; $115 from À Detacher.

Italian All-Stainless Steel Dish Rack from Manufactum in Germany | Remodelista

Above: For those looking for the Mercedes of dish racks, the Stainless Steel Draining Rack isn't chromium-plated like most, but solidly made of stainless steel 18/10;  €133 from Manufactum in Germany, made in Italy.

Ordning Ikea Dish Drainer, Remodelista

Above: The Ordning Dish Drainer measures 19 5/8 inches long and 14 1/8 inches; $19.99 from Ikea.

Core Bamboo Dish Drying Rack from Amazon | Remodelista

Above: The Core Bamboo Dish Rack with Utensil Holder; $39.03 through Amazon.

Compact Stainless Steel Dish Drainer | Remodelista

Above: The Stainless Steel Compact Dish Rack is designed for small spaces; it has a removable utensil tray and can accommodate up to 14 plates; $29.99 from The Container Store.

Ikea Kvot Stainless Steel Dish Drainer | Remodelista

Above: I myself use Ikea's super simple (and affordable) Kvot Dish Drainer ($8.99), which I pair with Muji's Stainless Steel Tray ($18.75) to keep my counter dry.

David Mellor Design Wood Wall Mount or Countertop Dish Drainer | Remodelista

Above: Though meant for the wall, the Wall-Mounted Dish Rack from UK kitchen shop David Mellor can be set on a countertop with a dish or tray underneath. Made of birchwood with pine dowels; £79 for the smaller size (50 centimeters wide, 44.5 centimeters high) and £95 for the larger size (82 centimeters wide, 44.5 centimeters wide).

Large Stainless Steel Dish Drainer | Remodelista

Above: Home Basics' 2-Tier Dish Rack consists of a chrome-finished wire rack and stainless steel tray with a separate cup for silverware; $32.50 from Amazon.

  Simplehuman Dish Drying Rack | Remodelista

Above: The Simplehuman Steel-Frame Dish Rack is $69.95 from Williams-Sonoma.

Bamboo Dish Drainer from Norpro | Remodelista

Above: The Wooden Dish Dryer is made of sturdy pine and is foldable for storage and easy portability; $18.36 from Norpro Webstore.

Industrial-Style Metal Dish Drainer from Rockett St. George | Remodelista

Above: A too-good-to-leave-out 11th option: The Industrial Style Metal Dish Drainer is taller than it is wide and has a detachable drain at the bottom; £55 from Rockett St. George.

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