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Trend Alert: Sculptural Visage Vessels, Eerie Edition


Trend Alert: Sculptural Visage Vessels, Eerie Edition

October 24, 2018

We don’t much care for the trend of ceramics shaped like body parts—with one exception. Lately we’ve noticed faces, cast in ceramic and glass, peeking out from dark corners, and heads stashed unceremoniously on shelves. It’s a look just eerie enough for our taste: part death mask, part Pablo Picasso’s visage vases. Here are a handful of favorite face vases and head-shaped pots, suitable for Halloween and beyond.

we first spotted clay face pots, made in honduras, tucked throughout the r 17
Above: We first spotted Clay Face Pots, made in Honduras, tucked throughout the rooms in The Surfrider in Malibu. We like these vessels left unfilled: sculpture rather than vase. For more, see The Surfrider: A Cult Classic California Motel, Updated for 2018.
the pots, sleuthed; a set of three clay face pots are \$90 from at west end. 18
Above: The pots, sleuthed; a set of three Clay Face Pots are $90 from At West End.
alexa likes la soufflerie&#8\2\17;s tete glassware for its ghostly sim 19
Above: Alexa likes La Soufflerie’s tete glassware for its ghostly similarities to death masks; the Tete Drinking Glass is €29 from La Soufflerie. (For more selections, see Object of Desire: La Soufflerie Tete Vases.)
the visage pitcher is handmade in paris by astier de villatte; \$\180 from moha 20
Above: The Visage Pitcher is handmade in Paris by Astier de Villatte; $180 from Mohawk General Store.
another offering by la soufflerie: the terre cuite incas head, &#8\2\20;ins 21
Above: Another offering by La Soufflerie: the Terre Cuite Incas Head, “inspired by the strong minimal forms found in South American ancient art;” $74 from Nickey Kehoe.
the glazed ceramic peaceful face flower pot, also by rockett st. george, is a m 22
Above: The Glazed Ceramic Peaceful Face Flower Pot, also by Rockett St. George, is a more demure option; £14 from Liberty London.
the marianne ceramic vase is £65 from uk based online shop rockett st. geo 23
Above: The Marianne Ceramic Vase is £65 from UK-based online shop Rockett St. George. “Marianne has an alluring quality about her and a natural elegance,” the retailers say.
the vessel head 0\2 with a barely there face, one of a collection by  24
Above: The Vessel Head 02 with a barely-there face, one of a collection by Danish artist Cathrine Raben Davidsen, takes cues “from the late Bronze Age in Scandinavia, where vessels with facial features were commonly used for funeral rites. Full of life, these sensuous surfaces of the face-vessels accentuate the impression that they are inhabited by creatures, who try to break through the shell of their containers.” This one is sold out, but the similar Vessel Head 03 is available from The Future Perfect; price upon request.
and a vintage option: the visage ceramic vase by robert and jean cloutier dates 25
Above: And a vintage option: the Visage Ceramic Vase by Robert and Jean Cloutier dates to 1960 France; $4,000 via 1stdibs.

N.B.: Michelle has been coveting another face vase over on Gardenista this week, painted with the haunting face of an opera singer. See more in Object of Desire: A Vase with a Famous Face.

For more design finds with a slightly dark edge:

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Frequently asked questions

What are face/head vases?

Face/head vases are decorative vessels that feature a face or head design on their exterior. They can be made from various materials, such as ceramics, glass, and metal.

What are some popular designs for face/head vases?

Some popular designs for face/head vases include classic Greek and Roman busts, contemporary abstract faces, and whimsical cartoon-like faces.

What are some ways to style face/head vases in a home?

Face/head vases can be styled in a variety of ways. They can be used as standalone decorative pieces, grouped together for a dramatic effect, or used as a vase to hold flowers or plants.

Where can I find face/head vases?

Face/head vases can be found at various home decor and design stores, both online and in-person. They can also be found on artisanal marketplaces and independent artist websites.

Are face/head vases expensive?

The price range for face/head vases varies depending on the material, design, and size. Some can be relatively affordable, while others can be quite expensive.

Can face/head vases be used outdoors?

It depends on the specific material and design of the vase. Ceramic and glass vases may not be suitable for outdoor use, as they can break or crack in extreme weather conditions. However, metal vases may hold up better outdoors.

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