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The Architect Is In: Affordable, Instant Bathrooms by Uniform Design


The Architect Is In: Affordable, Instant Bathrooms by Uniform Design

June 23, 2012

Looking for a speedy, cost-effective design solution for an outdated bath? Magdalena Keck and Urszula Bochinska believe that everything is worthy of good design; even a small bathroom. That’s where their firm, Uniform Design, comes in, offering well-designed, thoughtful bath plans at prices well within reach. For the next 48 hours, they’re available to answer and all readers queries about bath design; ask away (leave your questions in the comments section below).

New York-based Keck (an interior designer) and Bochinska (an architect) co-founded Uniform Design (a member of the Remodelista Architect/Designer Directory) two years ago after receiving inquiries from clients with small budgets who were looking to primarily renovate their kitchens and bathrooms. Having to turn these projects away due to their small scale, the designers started to investigate different ways of providing a high-quality design service.

Drawing from their wealth of experience and many industry contacts, the duo has streamlined the process. Rather than start from scratch (remember Porch House with Lake|Flato?), a client can choose from four pre-designed bathroom styles (Loft, Minimalist, Naturalist, Townhouse), saving themselves time and energy. In the basic package, the bathrooms have been designed to a five-by-seven-foot standard layout; once a decision has been made on the style; a drawing and specification package (for a fee of $250) can be used to order the materials and bid for a contractor. If a bathroom requires modifications for size or layout reasons, a custom package is available where extra fees will cover the time required to adapt the basic package.

Photography by Kate Glicksberg.

700 uniform design portrait

Above: Magdalena Keck and Urszula Bochinska; designers on a mission to improve the built environment, one bathroom at a time. Keck says, “I have a real desire to fix things, always making them better.”

700 uniform keck 01

Above: An apartment in Chelsea recently had two Minimalist bathrooms installed. Using the same style, the clients achieved a uniform look across their apartment. The first bathroom has a window in the shower. See if you can spot the difference.

700 uniform design naturalist bath

Above: The Naturalist bath.

700 uniform keck 08

Above: In the Minimalist style, all the bathroom fixtures including the shower are white.

700 uniform keck 04

Above: Slightly obsessed with bathrooms, Keck and Bochinska spend a great deal of time researching the perfect fixtures and materials and are constantly updating the Uniform Design blog with new finds.

700 uniform keck 09

Above: A detail of the tile joints in a recessed shelf in the shower illustrates a well-designed detail that has been thought through once to be repeated as required.

700 uniform keck 02

Above: The Minimalist style uses horizontal tiles to make a subtle impact on a small bathroom.

700 uniform keck 05

Above: The second bathroom in this Chelsea apartment does not have a window in the shower but uses the same details and materials as the first bathroom.

700 uniform keck 07

Above: The dimensions of the mirror and light fixture have been narrowed to adapt to the proportions of this particular bathroom.

700 uniform keck 10 jpeg

Above: A rendering of the Minimalist bathroom shows a bathtub and a wider wall than the existing conditions of the renovated bathrooms in Chelsea. Everything else is the same. For examples of Uniform Design’s other bathroom styles see Loft, Naturalist, or Townhouse.

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