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Subtle Imperfections: Screen-Printed Ceramic Tiles from a Small-Batch London Company


Subtle Imperfections: Screen-Printed Ceramic Tiles from a Small-Batch London Company

November 2, 2016

When it comes to individually handcrafting her muted ceramic tiles, Marianne Smink finds beauty in imperfection. A Dutch former fashion designer now based in London, Smink is “drawn to tiny upsets in a pattern’s balance,” and the small idiosyncrasies that occur when she translates her screen-printed designs onto tile.

Smink has added new designs since we last checked in (see our post, Wabi-Sabi Tiles from a Dutch Fashion Designer), and they’ve got us thinking about abstract, artful kitchen backsplashes. Here’s a new look at the expanded collection.

Photography courtesy of Smink Things.

smink things going overground ceramic tile with bowl 12

Above: Smink Things’ triangular Going Overground ceramic tiles were inspired by the London Underground. Shown here in the muted Soft palette, the 30-by-10-centimeter tiles are £12.50 ($15.30) each. They are also available in the Warm palette.

In addition to ceramic tiles, which are individually screen-printed before being fired, “revealing individuality in every piece,” Smink Things also sells pre-designed ceramic tile murals and wallpaper reproductions.

smink things eclipse ceramic tiles 13

Above: The oversize Eclipse square tiles are 14 by 14 centimeters and offer endless options for patterns; £7.50 ($9.18) each.

smink thing after lowry tile with flowers 14

Above: Inspired by English artist L.S. Lowry’s paintings of cities, the After Lowry ceramic tile collection, £7.50 ($9.18) per tile, is also available in concrete, £6.25 ($7.65) per tile.

smink things quarter circle tile with kitchen shelf 15

Above: “Bold circles on loosely painted backgrounds:” Quarter Circle ceramic tiles are £7.50 ($9.18) each and are also available in deep red and orange.

smink things recubed tile with flowers 16

Above: The Recubed ceramic tile collection is available in green, gray, and blue color washes; £7.50 ($9.18) each.

smink things after lowry tiles with desk supplies 17

Above: The After Lowry ceramic tiles are available in hues of cream, taupe, and gray and can be arranged into simple patterns, like the one above.

smink thing quarter circle ceramic tile 18

Above: When arranged in a simple pattern, gray and white Quarter Circle tiles make a calming kitchen backsplash.

smink things after lowry tile with bowls 19

Above: Another variation on the After Lowry collection: less patterned, more eclectic.

smink things squared in tile with kitchen shelf 20

Above: The most striking of the designs, the Squared ceramic tiles, feature “deep inky blacks against pale ivory”; £7.50 ($9.18) each.

We love the look of hand-painted tile in the kitchen (and bath and entryway). For more inspiration, see our posts:

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