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Rock the Casbah: Nord-Pinus Tanger


Rock the Casbah: Nord-Pinus Tanger

June 11, 2012

Hotelier Anne Igou has a penchant for the bohemian. The owner of the Hôtel Nord Pinus in Arles, France, she's worked her charms on a Moroccan riad—the Nord Pinus Tanger—which just happens to be the highest building in Tangier’s casbah, offering sweeping views across the Strait of Gibralter to Spain.

Hemingway and Picasso in Arles, Paul Bowles and Jack Kerouac in Tanger; Igou is drawn to places where artists and creative personalities have historically flocked. In her latest four-suite hotel, rooftop restaurant, and bar, Igou invokes a spirit of the past with her particular mix of color, textures, and artifacts. We'd like to think she's extending an invitation to past frequenters to come back and rejoin the party they started. For more information, go to Nord-Pinus Tanger.

Photography by Mo Hoffman.

700 rmnord pinus tanger 04

Above: A colored glass lantern marks the entrance of the Nord-Pinus Tanger.

nord pinus courtyard flowers

Above: The shady inner courtyard.

700 rmnord pinus tanger 06

Above: A pair of leather doors were hand painted by local craftsmen.

700 rmnord pinus tanger 14

Above: Bright Moroccan textiles mix well with mid-century furnishings.

700 rmnord pinus tanger 05

Above: A black and white vintage photo is hung in a tiled stairwell.

700 rmnord pinus tanger 02

Above: Colored glass and Moroccan tiles from Fez line the stair hall.

700 700 hotel nord pinus hanging moroccan light and window

Above: Vintage Moroccan metalwork is on view throughout the interiors.

700 rmnord pinus tanger 10

Above: Painted leather walls create an exotic alcove for a daybed.

700 rmnord pinus tanger 03

Above: A vintage lamp glass blown vase and stand out against the geometric Moroccan tiles from Fez.

700 rmnord pinus tanger 12

Above: Moroccan geometrically patterned tiles line the bathroom.

700 rmnord pinus tanger 07

Above: A fountain in the inner courtyard of the riad.

700 rmnord pinus tanger 01

Above: Brightly colored Moroccan textiles mixed in with mid century furniture.

700 rmnord pinus tanger 15

Above: Tangier musicians play to guests on the rooftop terrace as the sun sets in the casbah.

700 nord pinus tanger 10 sea

Above: Sweeping views of the sea.

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