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New Product Alert: Tala LED Lighting in London


New Product Alert: Tala LED Lighting in London

May 10, 2018

A group of friends at the University of Edinburgh came up with the idea for lighting company Tala while working a summer job together (they were installing solar panels on the roof of an eco-conscious winery in Portugal). One friend suggested that the architect specify LED lighting to add to the project’s eco-cred, but the architect balked due to a lack of good-looking options on the market. After a years-long exploration into production processes and lighting technology, the four founders launched Tala in 2015 with a line of Edison-inspired LED bulbs and the tagline, “Conservation through beauty.” Three years on, London-based Tala offers three distinct lines of designer LED bulbs, including a hand-blown stunner called Voronoi. Let’s take a look.

Photography courtesy of Tala.

tala led bulbs 2
Above: Tala’s most artistic LED light on offer, the Voronoi collection of tinted, hand-blown glass bulbs, is modeled after the growth pattern found in forest canopies. “We created a 3-D model of the pattern, and smoothed its edges to simulate natural erosion over time,” the designers say, resulting in an irregularly shaped bulb that’s “carved by nature.” The Voronoi I bulb shown here is five inches wide by almost seven inches tall (£80), and shown with the Oak Knuckle Pendant (£100) and Oak Touch Lamp (£120), both made of FSC-certified American oak wood.
Tala’s LED bulbs last 15 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb—15,000 to 30,000 hours on average—and use only 10 percent of the electricity.

tala led bulbs 3
Above: Tala says its Voronoi III bulb, which is eight inches wide and 16 inches tall, is the “largest sculptural bulb ever made.” It’s shown here with the glossy Brass Pendant (£55), made of recycled brass in a brushed finish with a fabric-wrapped cord. The bulb costs £300, but the Voronoi III Bulb and Brass Pendant together cost £320.
Tala has made a commitment since its founding to plant 10 trees for every 200 light bulbs sold. So far, they’ve planted 35,000 trees in the UK and 15,000 in North America.

tala led bulbs 1
Above: The Voronoi collection has a single spiral-shaped LED filament, designed to “mimic the Fibonacci sequence seen in pine cones and ferns.” The rounded, compact shape of the Voronoi I bulb refracts the light it emits, so the single filament appears more abstract than in the other Voronoi models; £80.
You can shop Tala bulbs and fixtures at their online Store, and the bulbs are available at various retailers across the UK and US (including Rejuvenation and It’s Thyme).

tala led bulbs 5
Above: Part of the company’s range of white ceramic bulbs, the Enno has a rounded trapezoid shape and is about five by seven inches; £80. It’s shown with the compact Graphite Pendant (£55), which has a flat, dark gray finish that Tala recommends partnering with the ceramic range.
tala led bulbs 8
Above: Tala’s porcelain bulbs are molded using white glass, then individually mouth-blown and sandblasted for a delicate matte finish. They’re “designed to provide an antidote to an overly industrial aesthetic,” says Tala. The Porcelain II bulb shown here emits a soft white light and is 3 inches by 5.5 inches; £25.
tala led bulbs 10
Above: The Unum 3-Watt Bulb (£29) has a traditional clear glass spherical body with a minimal filament inside. It’s paired with the  Brass Pendant (£55) and Walnut Touch Lamp (£120), which is made from FSC-certified American walnut wood.
tala led bulbs 6
Above: Tala designed a unique filament structure for the Gaia 6 Watt bulb—its modern take on a traditional, blown-glass, exposed-filament sphere. Available tinted (shown) and clear, it’s £39.
tala led bulbs 9
Above: The Pluto 3 Watt light bulb has a traditional shape and filament pattern. Shown here in clear glass, it’s also available in gray and measures 1.5 by 4.5 inches; £13.
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Product summary  Item 6 172Item 7 173

tala led bulbs 6
Light Bulbs

Gaia 6 Watt

£39.00 GBP from Tala Studios
tala led bulbs 10
Light Bulbs

Unum 3 Watt

£29.00 GBP from Tala Studios

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