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An LA-Bohemian Style Kitchen with Bosch Home Appliances

An LABohemian Style Kitchen with Bosch Home Appliances portrait 6 7

An LA-Bohemian Style Kitchen with Bosch Home Appliances

March 1, 2017

We partnered with Bosch Home Appliances to style a recently remodeled kitchen in three different ways, starting with a wintry Japanese look (see our Japanese-Inflected Kitchen here), and then taking a pared-down, Scandinavian approach (see our Bosch Scandi Kitchen here).

For our third and final refresh, we channeled a free-spirited, LA-Bohemian vibe—using warmer tones like copper and rustic handmade goods.

Our New England kitchen is outfitted with white cabinets, black countertops, and minimal Bosch appliances—a blank slate ready to take on some color. Let’s take a look.

Photography by Joyelle West for Remodelista. Styling by Justine Hand and Kaylei McGaw.

bohemian bosch kitchen remodelista 5 13

Above: Architect Sheila Bonnell remodeled the Plymouth, Massachusetts, kitchen with a full suite of Bosch appliances. She chose a stainless steel Bosch Wall Oven for her own home and outfitted her client’s kitchen with the same model.

bohemian bosch kitchen8 14

Above: The clean, modern lines of a Bosch Gas Cooktop work well with the Azmaya Copper Tea Kettle ($350 from March), Ila’s Black Lava Salt ($35), a bright green potato vine, and an assortment of vintage goods, including a 17th century Italian floor tile. (For similar, visit Solar Antique Tiles.)

bohemian bosch kitchen remodelista 9 15

Above: A detail of the cooktop reveals a Bosch Downdraft Hood that disappears when not in use.

bohemian bosch kitchen remodelista 6 16

Above: Though modern, the Bosch Wall Oven in stainless steel still feels at home in an informal tableau featuring a set of vintage bowls, a well-used cookbook, a Doug Johnson Rope Trivet ($28 from Brook Farm General Store), and a handmade garlic basket.

bohemian bosch kitchen 1 17

Above: Near the sink, a single palm frond evokes a sunny, Southern Californian feel.

bohemian bosch kitchen 3 18

Above: A Bosch Dishwasher hides behind faux cabinet drawers that match the functional cabinet paneling found throughout the kitchen. Auntie Oti’s Golden Rustic Bright Towel ($36) is the perfect complement to a J. K. Adams Driftwood Cutting Board ($105) and a hand-carved wooden bowl.


blank bosch kitchen remodelista 4 19

Above: For details on the kitchen remodel, see Sponsored: A Japanese-Inflected Kitchen with Bosch Appliances.

For more information on the appliances, visit Bosch Home Appliances.

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