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Holiday Gift Guide 2018: 14 Gifts for the Zero Waster


Holiday Gift Guide 2018: 14 Gifts for the Zero Waster

December 11, 2018

Here at Remodelista, none of us can claim to be leading a truly zero-waste life. But it’s our goal. We all try to consume consciously—to favor natural, sustainable materials over plastics, avoid single-use disposables, and curb excess trash. To that end, these well-designed finds, large and small, are for the people on your list who are committed to the movement—and for those looking for a way in.

Pantry Makeover

in addition to offering shopping and pantry kits, wiebke liu of blisshaus, swoo 17
Above: In addition to offering shopping and pantry kits, Wiebke Liu of Blisshaus, swoops in herself  to reorganize errant cabinets (see, for instance, the Goop test kitchen). She offers a range of pantry and other kitchen makeovers, starting with a Consultation and Action Plan for $250. See her own Oakland, CA, kitchen, shown above, and read about her company’s products and services in Bringing Back the Old-World Pantry, One Kitchen at a Time.

Cloth Bowl Covers

we&#8\2\17;re longstanding fans of`Àplat&#8\2\17;s canvas pie tote 18
Above: We’re longstanding fans of`Àplat’s canvas pie totes and baguette bags. The SF workshop has also recently begun offering these organic cotton bowl covers in three sizes; the Couvre-Plat Round starts at $16 for the small. Another new Àplat item on our wish list: the eight-piece Poche Pantry Kit Pouches, currently on sale for $150, marked down from $186.

Glass Straws

 in the last year, we&#8\2\17;ve seen a lot of eco friendly alternativ 19
Above: In the last year, we’ve seen a lot of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws. An elegant option is Canadian  glass artist Brook Drabot’s Glass Straws from June Home Supply; $16.50 for a set of four in clear glass, $19.50 for four in smoky gray or amber. Made of durable borosilicate glass, they can be used for hot and cold liquids and come with a cleaning brush.

Natural Brushes

from aussie company ecococonut, biodegradable and naturally antibacterial scrub 20
Above: From Aussie company EcoCoconut, biodegradable and naturally antibacterial scrub brushes made of coconut husk with handles of wood from recycled rubber trees (all materials are sustainably harvested in Sri Lanka). The EcoCoconut Scourer, left, is $6.99 for a twin pack; the Kitchen Cleaning Brush, center, is $6.99; and the Multipurpose Bottle Brush, right, is $6.99.

Covered Glass Bowl

we&#8\2\17;re eternally on the lookout for all glass storage containers. sp 21
Above: We’re eternally on the lookout for all-glass storage containers. Spotted and coveted in the MoMA gift shop in NYC, this bowl is part of a Set of Three German Nesting Glass Storage Containers; $45.The trio comes with plastic lids as well as fitted glass tops that double as plates.

Lunch Kit

from wild minimalist of san anselmo, ca, the zero waste lunch kit with tumbler& 22
Above: From Wild Minimalist of San Anselmo, CA, the Zero Waste Lunch Kit with Tumbler includes a three-tier, tiffin-style lunchbox, snack container, and travel cup, all in steel, plus cutlery and a bento bag; $119.99.
for the minimalist, black + blum&#8\2\17;s stainless steel sandwich box has 23
Above: For the minimalist, Black + Blum’s Stainless Steel Sandwich Box has a bamboo lid/chopping board that’s held in place by a silicone strap. It’s $29.95 at Boston General Store.

Full-Use Recipes

discovered when julie and i did a book signing at rough draft in kingston, 24
Above: Discovered when Julie and I did a book signing at Rough Draft in Kingston, NY: Waste Not, $45, a collection of recipes from the James Beard Foundation that make the most of peels, rinds, roots, and other ingredients that customarily get tossed. There are also chapters on leftovers and pickling and fermenting, plus a foreword by Tom Colicchio.
another zero waste cookbook new this year, cooking with scraps, \$\19.95,  25
Above: Another zero-waste cookbook new this year, Cooking with Scraps, $19.95, is a vegetarian take on the topic.

Ceramic Water Filter

made in brooklyn by a ceramic artist (with her father&#8\2\17;s help),  26
Above: Made in Brooklyn by a ceramic artist (with her father’s help),  the 19-inch-tall Walter Water Filter, $395, is composed of a hand-thrown tank fitted with a Black Berkey filter. It holds a gallon of water, and in addition to white comes in a range of patterns.

Beeswax Bread Bag

from la&#8\2\17;s gjelina restaurant group, gjusta goods is two doors down  27
Above: From LA’s Gjelina restaurant group, Gjusta Goods is two doors down from eternally buzzing Gjusta, known for its standout breads. The Beeswax Bread Bag, 14.5 inches long and 12 inches wide, is locally made for the store of organic cotton treated with food-grade wax; $40.

Towel Roller

from march in sf, a classic, english made linen roller towel holder and to 28
Above: From March in SF, a classic, English-made Linen Roller Towel Holder and Towel is $142 (the towel is sewn in a loop, so it can be shifted for repeat use). For other roller towel sources, see Smart Buy, Everything Old Is New Again on our companion site The Organized Home.

Food Storage Kit

the wild minimalist&#8\2\17;s zero waste farmer&#8\2\17;s market kit, \ 29
Above: The Wild Minimalist’s Zero Waste Farmer’s Market Kit, $86.99, comes with a cotton net shopping bag, five muslin produce bags, five mesh produce bags, and beeswax wrap in three sizes.

For naturally dyed French string totes in pale pink and bright yellow, see Market Bag Upgrades from Wild Poppy Goods. Also consider Smart Buy: A Reusable Produce Bag that Keeps Veggies Fresher Longer.

Imperfect Produce Subscription

“one in five fruits and veggies aren’t making it off of farms, be 30
Above: “One in five fruits and veggies aren’t making it off of farms, because of superficial quirks—a carrot that’s a little crooked, an eggplant that’s asymmetrical, an apple that’s a bit too small or too large,” reports Imperfect Produce. Working directly with growers, the Bay-Area-based service delivers slightly wonky fruit and vegetables in 13 US cities. Four subscription services are currently available. Read about the company on Gardenista in A Rescue Mission to Combat Food Waste.

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