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Domestic Science: The Unscented Company in Canada


Domestic Science: The Unscented Company in Canada

November 7, 2018

We’re all for broader offerings in the natural cleaning solutions market, so we were happy to recently discover The Unscented Company, based in Montreal. The brand was founded in 2016 by Anie Rouleau, a working mother of two who was struggling to find unscented, eco-friendly, and refillable cleaning supplies on the market. Her company’s top priority is that all products be completely unscented, without exception. And second, that each item be packaged in containers (such as recycled plastic or glass) that can be used again and again, and refilled from containers (such as cardboard) with smaller eco footprints. The company includes an Ingredients list for every offering and shares a helpful Table explaining what each ingredient is and its purpose in the product. Nothing is tested on animals, and at least 95 percent of the ingredients are supplied by family-run Canadian businesses.

Photography courtesy of The Unscented Company.

unscented company dish hand soap concrete tray
Above: Hand and dish soap from the Unscented Company, which is a certified B Corp, a for-profit company that has sought a third-party certification verifying its commitment to environmental and social values, plus accountability and transparency.

unscented company dish soap and brush
Above: In addition to cleaning solutions, the Unscented Company offers dishcloths and a wood-handled Dish Brush, made in Germany; $8.50 CAD ($6.90 USD).
The Unscented Company has flat-rate shipping fees and offers free shipping within Canada for orders over $65 CAD ($52.74 USD). Though the company currently ships only to Canada, US shipping is available from Internet retailers Well.ca, LuckyVitamin, and Vitacost.

unscented company start pack soaps home
Above: A housecleaning Starter Kit includes a bottle of dish soap and large refill, laundry detergent, all-purpose spray, and hand soap with a wood dish brush. Read more about each component below; $65 CAD ($52.74 USD) for the set.
unscented company all purpose spray
Above: All-Purpose Cleaning Spray can be used anywhere, but is designed to be equally tough on dirt in both the kitchen and bath; $5.75 CAD ($4.67 USD).
unscented company laundry soap
Above: The brand’s liquid Laundry Detergent is hypoallergenic and suitable for high-efficiency and standard washing machines. It’s packaged in a plastic bottle made of 25 percent post-consumer recycled plastic and can wash up to 78 loads; $16.99 CAD ($13.79 USD).
unscented company dish tabs
Above: Dish Tabs from the Unscented Company come individually wrapped so they don’t stick together—but what looks like a plastic wrapper is actually water soluble and can tossed into the dishwasher whole. A set of 50 tabs, made in France, is $16.50 CAD ($13.39 USD).
unscented company dish soap
Above: The 750-milliliter Dish Soap, $4.99 CAD ($4.05 USD), comes in a squeeze-top plastic bottle that can be refilled from a four-liter Dish Soap Refill Box, $21.99 CAD ($17.84 USD).

unscented company glass hand soap
Above: The 16-ounce Hand Soap comes in either a glass jar (shown, $8.99 CAD; $7.29 USD) or a Plastic Bottle ($6.99 CAD; $5.67 USD), both of which can be refilled with the four-liter cardboard Hand Soap Refill Box ($39.99 CAD; $32.45 USD).
unscented company double concrete dish tray
Above: The Double Concrete Trayholds two round bottles near the sink, a dish soap and hand soap pairing, for instance, or a hand soap with hand lotion. Made in Canada, it’s $20 CAD ($16.23 USD).
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