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Back to Work: Cord and Charger Solutions


Back to Work: Cord and Charger Solutions

August 28, 2008

The proliferation of cords and chargers has given birth to a new industry of accessories to help detangle this mess; here’s a roundup of our favorites.


Below: Tired of tripping over the phone while it’s charging? Drinn Mobile Phone Charger Holder; $9 each at Amazon.

Below: Same functionality, sleeker look—the Blomus Movo Mobile Phone Charger Holder; $18 at All Modern.


Below: Organize cord slack with the Cord Hog; $11.99 for a two-pack. Available in blue-gray, charcoal, and red.

Below: Spotted by Julie and Francesca at the ICFF in May, the Wall Cleat “for mooring the many ropes of technology,” from Brooklyn-based designer Karl Zahn.

Below: Conceal unsightly cords with the CableBox from BlueLounge. “Simply place your power strips or surge protector inside CableBox. No need to unplug anything first. Then stow away the surplus cable lengths, close the lid, and done.” $29.99 at BlueLounge.

Below: Tired of snarled cords under your desk? The under-desk-mounted Sombrero Wire Manager is a cheap and effective solution; $4 at Mockett.

Below: The sleek SpaceStation, another BlueLounge product, is an extended desk organizer for laptop users featuring internal coiling pins; $79.99. Go to BlueLounge for more information.

Below: In our house, we keep a tangle of spare cords in a shoebox for lack of a better solution. At last, a great idea: the KangaRoom Cord Keeper with several compartments to stow extra video cords, phone cords, and USB cords. In cherry, green, or yellow for $25 at KangaRoom.


Below: BlueLounge’s Sanctuary Charging Station; $130 from A + R Store:

Below: A real space saver, the Wall-Mountable Phone/PDA Charger is $40 from KangaRoom.

Below: The Chargepod is sleek, simple and enables charging of up to six mobile electronics with one cord. $39 for the base and $9.95 for adapters for your particular products from Callpod.

Below: Lacquer Charging Station; available in white, mushroom, or espresso for $49 at West Elm.

Product summary  


Cable Box

$29.95 USD from Blue Lounge
Cord Hog

Cord Hog

$11.99 USD from Cord Hog
Chargers & Cable Management

Cord Keeper

$24.74 USD from Amazon
Boiler Design

Wall Cleat

More Info from Oboiler.com

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