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A Cost-Conscious House in Sweden That’s a Pinterest Sensation


A Cost-Conscious House in Sweden That’s a Pinterest Sensation

August 7, 2017

An unlikely Pinterest sensation: the house of Maria Förstberg, a librarian and weaver, located in Linköping, in southern Sweden. The structure, a pair of gabled volumes clad in corrugated aluminum, looks much like a child’s drawing come to life, and—in fact, it’s the work of Maria’s son, architect Björn Förstberg, and his partner, Mikael Ling, who are based in Malmo. (Interesting fact: It was Förstberg Ling’s very first project.)

Originally dreamed up as an entry for a sustainable housing exhibition in Linköping—planned back in 2013 and opening this September (see Vallastaden 2017)—House for Mother struck a chord, and instantly made the rounds on Pinterest.  The architects explain that they aimed to “balance spatiality with intimate rooms, formal simplicity with strong materiality.” Translation: The design manages to be both airy and embracing, clean-lined and full of life. And all of the materials choices are budget friendly. Join us for a look.

Photography by Markus Linderoth, courtesy of Förstberg Ling.

house for mother swedish dining area forstberg ling 6
Above: The natural plywood on the walls is sealed with Polyx-Oil, a wax oil from Osmo. The dining table is Ilse Crawford’s cork-topped trestle design from her Sinnerlig collection for Ikea. It’s lit by steel Levels Lamps by Form Us With Love.
house for mother forstberg dining room
Above: Floor-to-ceiling white paint creates a literal dividing line between the two halves of the room. “By not using plaster and gypsum boards, the white areas don’t feel too clinical and develop patina with age,” say the architects.
house for mother forstberg ling living room 2
Above: A companion to the dining table, a cork-topped Ilse Crawford-for-Ikea desk for the librarian.
house for mother forstberg ling living room 3
Above: A library corner.
A CostConscious House in Sweden Thats a Pinterest Sensation portrait 6_38
Above: With its soaring ceiling and exposed beams and trusses, the design references barn construction. The rooms are wrapped in plywood and parts of the kitchen are set off with a graphite-colored stain from Osmo. A full-height fridge and freezer are tucked into a pantry on the other side of the sink wall.
house for mother plywood open shelves kitchen forstberg ling 4
Above: Open plywood shelves serve as storage and display. The kitchen island is fitted with cabinets and, on the side facing the sink, refrigerator drawers by Liebherr. The metal pendant LED light, the w103 Sempé from Wästberg, is available as a single shade and in various combinations.
house for mother plywood kitchen crate storage forstberg ling 3
Above: The cooking area has a stainless steel counter and simple white tiled backsplash. It incorporates an Ikea stove, Ikea dishwasher (concealed behind a plywood front), and inset sink with a Vola faucet. On the side wall, shelves stocked with Ikea Knagglig crates form an orderly open pantry.
house for mother plywood kitchen forstberg ling 2
Above: The floor is concrete, which rises to form a bench along the perimeter of the room.
house for mother forstberg ling bedroom 2
Above: A simple bedroom under the eaves.
house for mother forstberg ling bathroom
Above: The utilitarian tiled bathroom has plywood components.
house for mother swedish greenhouse forstberg ling 7
Above: Tucked off the living room, the greenhouse is composed of translucent corrugated polycarbonate sheets applied to a framework of wooden studs. It’s fitted with open shelves and a restaurant-style stainless steel worktop.
house for mother swedish greenhouse forstberg ling 8
Above: A barn door opens to a back terrace.
house for mother sweden corrugated aluminum exterior forstberg ling 10
Above: Situated on a narrow lot in a still-under-way planned community, the house’s two corrugated steel structures are staggered: The volume in the foreground has two bedrooms and an art studio, and the other contains the kitchen and living areas, as well as a bathroom, laundry room, and greenhouse.
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Frequently asked questions

Where is the house located?

The house is located in Sweden.

Is the house expensive?

No, the house is designed to be cost-conscious.

Are there any unique design features in the house?

Yes, the house features custom-made plywood furniture and a large sliding glass door that maximizes natural light.

What is the size of the house?

The house is approximately 1,200 square feet.

How long did it take to build the house?

It took about a year to complete the construction of the house.

What inspired the design of the house?

The design of the house was inspired by traditional Swedish architecture and the concept of lagom, which means 'just the right amount.'

Is the house self-sustainable?

No, the house is not self-sustainable, but it is designed to minimize energy consumption and reduce waste.

How much did the house cost to build?

The cost of building the house is not disclosed, but it is designed to be cost-conscious and affordable.

Are there any sustainable features in the house?

Yes, the house features a green roof, triple-pane windows, and sustainable materials throughout the interior.

Is the house available for rent or purchase?

The article does not mention if the house is available for rent or purchase.

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