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2018 Design Awards Judge: Wiebke Liu


2018 Design Awards Judge: Wiebke Liu

May 30, 2017

German-born Wiebke Liu is founder of kitchen organization company Blisshaus, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She moved to the US for university, then began a career as a marketing consultant for McKinsey before founding Blisshaus with the goal of bringing beauty and organization to the eco-conscious lifestyle. Through Blisshaus, clients hire Liu and team to overhaul and organize their home kitchens and pantries; she establishes systems that make it easy for families to refresh their food supplies in the produce aisles and bulk bins, while largely avoiding prepackaged goods. For more, see our post, Blisshaus: Bringing Back the Old World Pantry, One Kitchen at a Time.

blisshaus pantry 8
Photograph by Maria Del Rio, courtesy of Blisshaus.

10 Things to Know About Wiebke:

Cities I’ve Lived In: Düsseldorf, Germany; St. Louis, Seattle, San Francisco, Oakland.

Biggest Design Influence: My grandparents in Germany, who were both artists. My grandfather did modern paintings, and their home was an eclectic collection of midcentury modern mixed with African, Indian, and Afghan artifacts, kilims, and nomadic trunks, sprinkled in with a few 17th century European antiques.

Favorite Shop: March in San Francisco.

Favorite Artist: It’s so hard to pick just one. Some favorites include my grandfather, Gerhart Hermeking, Christo, Rothko, Mitjili Napurrula, and Picasso.

Favorite Work of Architecture: Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia.

Favorite Item in My Closet: My “Supermom capes,” aka cashmere shawls.

Latest DIY Project: Tying a chew toy out of hemp rope for our dog (look for the Blisshaus puppy line, coming soon!).

Most Organized Area of My House: My pantry, for sure.

Favorite Wine: Currently, a French rosé called Bandol—it’s the essence of summer in Provence (and sunny evenings in our Oakland front yard).

Favorite Thing to Cook: My Dutch oven bread; I make one about one every four to five days. That’s technically baking, but it’s the basis for all our meals.

Pets: A Bernese Mountain Dog named Juno.

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