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10 Easy Pieces: Wooden Bath Mats


10 Easy Pieces: Wooden Bath Mats

March 1, 2013

I recently upgraded my bathmat and have since discovered the wonders of stepping out onto slatted mango wood post shower. The simple change has turned what I consider daily drudgery into a spa-like experience.

Here are 10 wooden bath mats in various moisture- and rot-resistant woods (towel shopping, too? See 10 Easy Pieces: Basic White Bath Towels).

700 mango wood bath mat

Above: The Mango Wood Bath Mat is a slatted mat measuring 27 inches long by 18 inches wide; £42 from Toast in the UK.

700 hinoki bath mat japanese

Above: Prized for its bacteria-resistant resin, the Japanese Hinoki cypress used in this Hinoki Bath Mat, also prevents mildew and withstands humidity. Designed by Yoko Ueno Lewis in Japan, the bath mat is $100 from Design Within Reach.

700 solid ash bathmat cb2

Above: The Solid Ash Bathmat is handsanded to a smooth finish with an open slat design elevated off the floor to circulate air and water. The square measures about 22 by 22 inches to accommodate for small space bathrooms; $34.95 from CB2.

700 skagerak bath mat wood

Above: The Skagerak Bathroom Mat is made of South-East Asian teak wood, a material resistant to wet and dry rot. Made in Denmark, the mat is $110.38 from All Modern.

700 thermowood bathmat oiled ash

Above: The oiled ash Thermowood Bath Mat is made from wood treated with a thermal process that renders it moisture, mold, and mildew resistant; €126 from Manufactum in Germany. For more made with the same material, see our post Bath: Thermowood Accessories from Manufactum.

700 teak rounded bath mat

Above: Waterworks’ Teak Bath Mat is made from solid, moisture resistant teak and features rounded detailing; $255 from Waterworks.

700 hinoki bath mat canoe

Above: Canoe’s Hinoki Bath Mat is designer in smaller proportions (24 inches long by 14 inches wide) than most; $50 each.

10 Easy Pieces Wooden Bath Mats portrait 10

Above: Teakworks4u’s Teak Shower Mat is made in the US and available in two sizes: 25- or 30-inch widths; $125.43

700 white wooden duckboard bath mat

Above: The White Wooden Shaker Style Bath Mat features anti-slip pad and grooved white-painted pine wood for £15 each from Roman at Home. Contact directly for restocking and shipping.

700 hinoki bath mat from mjolk

Above: The recently-stocked Hinoki Bath Mat with slanted wood slats (to impede water form building on the surface of the mat) has quickly sold out at Mjolk in Toronto. Made by artists in Kiso, Japan, the mat measures about 20 inches long by 14 inches wide. $220CAD each, contact directly for restocking dates.

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