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10 Easy Pieces: Household Water Filters


10 Easy Pieces: Household Water Filters

April 13, 2016

When you reach for a glass of cool water, the last thing you want to ingest is a host of harmful additives. While most of us in the States are blessed with fortified municipal water systems, we like the idea of an extra layer separating the undesirables from honest, clean water. Here is a look at the 10 best (and best-looking) household water filters and purification systems we’ve found yet.

kor water fall water filter remodelista 12

Above: The new Water Fall by Kor purifies water via coconut shell filters and separates the filter from the glass carafes so you can keep carafes in the refrigerator or at the table; $99 in black or white.

soma water carafe remodelista 13

Above: The Soma Pitcher is made of BPA-free plastic with a white oak handle; $89 for the pitcher and six filters.

berkey stainless steel water filter remodelista 14

Above: The Royal Berkey with 2 Black Filters and 2 Fluoride Filters can filter up to four gallons of water per hour. The Berkey is a polished stainless steel purification tank that can handle both treated and untreated raw water (from lakes, streams, ponds, and water supplies in foreign countries). It’s $313.50 at Amazon.

celine gabathuler water filter remodelista 15

Above: Designer Céline Gabathuler has been experimenting with a design, the Stone System, made of Valser quartzite mined from the Vals springs in Switzerland. The quartzite releases magnesium and calcium into the water when water is left to rest overnight. Contact Céline Gabathuler for more information.

stelton em jug water filter remodelista 16

Above: Stelton’s EM Jug with Water Filter uses the frame designed by Erik Magnussen for Skelton’s EM vacuum jug as the base for a standard filter (it works with the Brita water filter);  $279.95 DKK ($42.76 USD) at Stelton.

pur water filter remodelista 17

Above: The PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter mounts to a standard faucet and has a chrome finish; $23.91 at Amazon.

black blum eau carafe remodelista 18

Above: Black + Blum’s Eau Carafe utilizes binchotan active charcoal as the filter inside of the simple glass carafe; £25.95 ($37.03).

ovopur water filter remodelista 19

Above: The Ovopur Origin Filter is an aquacristal filter system housed in ceramic with a maple base; $699 at Aqua Ovo.

soma handcrafted water filter remodelista 20

Above: The Soma Glass Carafe resembles the Chemex coffee filter with a conical coconut shell carbon filter at the top; $99 for the carafe with six filters. It’s also available at Food52; read more in our post Drink Up: A Good-Looking Water Filter for Fridge and Table.

aqua perform water filter remodelista 21

Above: The Multipure Aquaperform Below-the-Sink with Faucet filter is a solid block carbon filter housed in stainless steel that sits under the sink. The Multipure claims to filter out lead, mercury, cyst, asbestos, VOC, MTBE, PCB, chloramine, and arsenic V; it’s $549.95 at Multipure.

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