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Trend Alert: 11 Favorite Wall Clocks, Color Edition


Trend Alert: 11 Favorite Wall Clocks, Color Edition

May 17, 2016

Beyond the iPhone: Add a dash of color to your interiors via a wall clock. Here are 11 clocks we like that span the rainbow:


Above: I spotted (and admired) this clock last weekend at Aggregate Supply Co. while window shopping in San Francisco’s Mission district. The Lemnos Nasu Wall Clock was designed by Yuichi Nara and is handmade in Japan; it’s available in peach or sand for $128 at Anthropologie.


Above: The Color Watch Circle by Danish design brand Bolia is also available in cobalt blue, gray, light green, and dark green. Shown here in rose, it is €99 ($112) at Bolia stores and dealers throughout Europe.


Above: In January, Alexa introduced us to these porcelain clocks from German design firm Don’t Kill My Vibe. The Rosa Porcelain Plaster Clock shown here is €35 ($39) at Selekkt, and is also available in white and yellow with a variety of colors for the hands. See Porcelain Clocks in Pastel Colors.


Above: Alessi commissioned six wall clocks from six European designers for this year’s Spring/Summer collection. The Ora Out Clock, designed by Giulio Iacchetti, is designed to nestle into a wall corner so it can be read from wider angles. Its counterpart, the Ora In Clock, is white; $120 at Alessi.


Above: This Dish Wall Clock by Atipico designed by Italian Alessio Romano is powder-coated iron, available in black, white, gray, green, and the yellow shown here; it’s €105 ($118) at Dopo Domani.


Above: The Soso AWA Clock by Japanese designers Awatsuji is manufactured in Japan by Lemnos. It has a painted face, metal hands, plywood frame, and glass front and is also available in blue, orange, and gray; $118 from Amazon.


Above: The HAY Analog Clock has a concave powder-coated aluminum front and was designed in 2015 by Swedish-based American designer Shane Schneck and inspired by the markings on traditional barometers. It’s also available in white; $89 at the MoMA Store.


Above: The Ora Wall Clock by Danish designers Birgitte Due Madsen and Jonas Trampedach for Danish brand Kähler has numbers imprinted into its glazed ceramic body. It’s also available in yellow, gray, pink, black, and dark blue. The mint green clock is $179 from Walker Art Center Shop.


Above: In 2014, Danish studio All the Way to Paris reimagined the original Koppel clock, designed in 1978 by Henning Koppel (he also designed the iconic HK Pitcher) using patterns and colors found in the designer’s notes. The Henning Koppel Clock of painted steel with a copper hand is €237 ($268) at Finnish Design Shop.


Above: The color-saturated powder-coated Steel Wall Clock is designed by Danish Norm Architects for Menu; it’s available in the cobalt blue shown here plus white, yellow, and green (check out the marble version in High/Low: Marble Wall Clock); $100 at A+R Store.


Above: The North Clock from Lemnos is inspired by a ship’s compass, is made in Japan, and also comes in white, red, and gray; $94.76 from Amazon.

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