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10 Easy Pieces: The New Ceramic Wine Cup


10 Easy Pieces: The New Ceramic Wine Cup

December 21, 2016

Our current obsession? Ceramic wine cups—tumblers and goblets alike—as an alternative to glass-stemmed versions. We like the idea of a more casual (and durable) wine vessel.

kristie van noort cornwall cup in light 17

Above: The Kristie van Noort Cornwall Cup Set of 2 in a light glaze is €55 ($57) at Bon Ceramics.

chin jukan goblet 18

Above: The Ceramic Goblet from Chin Jukan Pottery is available in a black, brown, and white glaze; ¥ 6,685 ($57) each at CJP Store in Japan.

astier de villatte angel tumbler 19

Above: The Astier de Villatte Angel Tumbler is handmade in Paris in Astier de Villatte’s studios; $128 each at ABC Carpet & Home.

wheel ceramics wine cups 20

Above: The Wheel Ceramic Company Wine Cup in white, eggshell, and nude is $30 at the General Store.

isabel halley ceramics set of 4 porcelain wine cups 21

Above: The Isabel Halley Ceramics Set of Four Porcelain Wine Cups is handmade and slipcast in porcelain; $160 for the set.

kaneki matte white wine cups 22

Above: The Matte White Wine Cups are designed for sweet wine, tea, or coffee; $18 each at Kaneki Pottery.

dbo ware ceramic wine goblet white 23

Above: Medieval and modern at the same time, dbO Porcelain Goblets are $14 each at dbO on Etsy. For more, see our post Fanciful Everyday Tableware from DBO Ware.

vespo lindo ceramic cup 24

Above: The Lindo Cup is a wine glass made of transparent ceramic developed in Shigaraki, an area of Japan known for its ceramics. Only the inside is glazed; $40 each at Vespoe.

ineke van der werff porcelain bronze small cup 25

Above: The Ineke van der Werff Porcelain + Bronze Small Cup is €25 ($26) at Bon Ceramics.

corbe company charlevoix wine cups 26

Above: The design of the Charlevoix Wine Cup is inspired by the midcentury lake houses of Michigan; the cups are available in eight satin-matte glaze colors (shown in Salt); $24 each at Corbe Company.

wrf ceramic tumblers wine cups 27

Above: Ceramic Tumblers in four different sizes are available from Nobuhito Nishigawara of West River Field Lab in Los Angeles. The Extra Large Cup ($24), Large Cup ($20), Medium Cup ($18), and Small Cup ($16) are at WRF Lab. Read more about the company in our post Currently Coveting: Japanese-Style Tableware Made in LA.

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