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Michaela Scherrer Atelier


Regions Served

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Los Angeles & S. CA
  • Netherlands
  • New York City & Mid-Atlantic
  • San Francisco & Bay Area
  • Scandinavia

Michaela has always been influenced by the convergence of fashion and design, clean Japanese lines, the creation of harmonious spaces, and the relationships each detail brings forth. Michaela has taken design to an art form; blending old with new, simple with complex, incorporating materials in stunningly unexpected ways. Over the years, she has expanded her vision with her unconventional processes. Inspired by seeing a need for tranquility, Michaela’s design philosophy has been formed by the desire to create a synergy between the space and the people that reside within, resulting in a space that reflects the feeling that comes from within her own inner understanding of refinement, design, beauty and symmetry. The foundation to Michaela’s vision is to help balance the two distinct worlds we live in. One is our ever increasing state of technological complexity, the other is our natural state — a place that many of us move further away from. Our goal is to merge these two worlds, creating a more natural, simplistic environment.

Michaela’s work has been featured in numerous publications including Metropolitan Home, Los Angeles Times Magazine, Sunset, Better Homes and Gardens as well as several books. In addition to the written press, her work has also been featured on both Discovery and HGTV.

Michaela’s Atelier products can be found at www.mi536.com

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Michaela Scherrer Atelier portrait 3



  • Michaela Scherrer


Featured Projects

536 atelier michaela scherrer grid

536 Atelier - Home and Studio

536 is my sanctuary, a blend of home and workspace that has transformed into an atelier. This haven has an atmosphere of tranquility and harmony, providing the ideal environment for my creative endeavors. A fusion of the old and the new is evident throughout, with bespoke accents adding character and individuality. The design marries timeless modern aesthetics with a functional layout. There is flow between outside and inside, with light, breeze and blooms effortlessly passing and peeking through the windows and doors.

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textiles and pillows grid

I host community events here that offer a distinctive blend of learning and shopping experiences. The focus revolves around fine art, nature-inspired creations, locally handmade goods, and culturally significant crafts. The events provide a platform where individuals can not only explore and appreciate fine art but also engage with the community through the showcase of locally crafted and culturally rich items. This unique combination ensures a vibrant and enriching experience for attendees, fostering a sense of connection to both artistic expression and local culture.

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robin hill house grid

Robin Hill

In this project, we embarked on a creative journey with a client who shares a profound appreciation for nature and a love for the authentic charm of mid-century aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting hiking trails surrounding the property, our aim was to seamlessly integrate the organic beauty of the outdoors into the interior space. The result is a home that not only resonates with the client’s deep connection to nature but also exudes an authentic mid-century feel, creating a harmonious blend of the natural world and timeless design within the confines of their living space.

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robin hill outside grid
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hardware michaela scherrer grid

Custom Designed Hardware

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Coverage on Remodelista & Gardenista