MCM Single-Cup Manual Coffee Maker

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Product: MCM Single-Cup Manual Coffee Maker
Color: Clear

MCM is a single-cup coffee maker designed to celebrate the ritual of making coffee by hand.

MCM is a low-tech appliance that lives on the countertop and provides fast access and less set up for the manual coffee making process. Hot water is slowly poured on top of ground coffee in the cone of glass form, and brewed coffee exits directly into the final drinking vessel.

The sculptural glass form allows full visibility of the process, while the “double-wall” design reduces heat loss which helps maintain ideal extraction temperatures. The wooden base insulates the mug from thermal loss and over time develops a patina, like that of a cutting board.

MCM has been designed to have a slightly slower extraction speed to allow the water and grinds come in to contact for a longer period of time for a single cup preparation.

  • Status–Pre-production
  • Materials–Borosilicate glass, beech