Trending on Gardenista: Green Eggs and Other Signs of Spring by

Issue 15 · Shades of Pastel · April 20, 2014

Trending on Gardenista: Green Eggs and Other Signs of Spring

Issue 15 · Shades of Pastel · April 20, 2014

The Gardenista crew spent this week reveling in their own (and their neighbor's) blossoming backyards—and like the rest of us, discovering the power of pastels. Looking for cafe-style outdoor furniture, the perfect spring table decorations, and the sweetest smelling shade plant? Come see.

Cotswolds rectory garden by Dan Pearson | Gardenista
Above: "Of all the old rectories and vicarages in the Cotswolds, the one with garden by Dan Pearson is the standout," writes Kendra (who happens to live in the vicinity). In this week's Garden Visit, she shows us around the place and details Pearson's relaxed formality, rose-framed front door and "slightly shaggy boxwoods," included.

Cafe chairs at Villa Augustus | Gardenista

Above: Just about right now, you're likely starting to dream about eating meals outside. In 10 Easy Pieces, Janet sources Outdoor Dining Chairs in Shades of Spring.

Erin Boyle's DIY wheat grass eggs | Gardenista

Above: Say spring with green eggs. Follow Erin's easy DIY: Grow Your Own Wheat Grass Eggs—and consider using eggshells for your seedlings, too (all you have to do, Erin explains, is crush the shells when you plant them).

Field guide to lily of the valley | Gardenista

Above: Meet the flower that some say stole the show from Kate Middleton at the royal wedding. The week's Field Guide presents a personality profile of the tiny but mighty (and shade loving) Lily of the Valley.

Architect Barbara Chambers' Mill Valley garden | Gardenista

Above: There was no keeping Michelle out of her neighbor's brand new garden: she guides us on a Sneak Peek of Architect Barbara Chambers' House in Mill Valley, CA (which Chambers designed in tandem with her plantings, so that every window presents a green and white view). How does Chambers' lawn look so lush? You'll be very surprised to hear.

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