Trending on Gardenista: The Mediterranean Way to Garden by

Issue 20 · Greek Isles · May 23, 2014

Trending on Gardenista: The Mediterranean Way to Garden

Issue 20 · Greek Isles · May 23, 2014

Gardenista joined us in the Greek Isles—and learned how horticulturalists triumph in the land of sun and sea. They also came away with a recipe for whitewash. Here are six posts not to miss:

Antiparos by landscape designer Clive Nichols | Gardenista

Above: The subject of this week's Landscape Architect Visit: a group of eight houses on Antiparos, built with a minimum impact on the landscape (design by Thomas Doxiadis), and and each with pools and perfect sea views.

Garden in Crete Elene Psyllaki | Gardenista

Above: The trick to growing plants in extreme weather conditions? Michelle details 10 Garden Ideas to Steal from the Greeks.

Mediterranean garden in Mill Valley CA Linsteadt | Gardenista

Above: How can you grow a Mediterranean garden in your own backyard? Hint: Cypress trees stand sentry in this Mill Valley, California, landscape. Michelle leads us on a visit to a Modern CA Garden Inspired by the Classics.

San Giorgio Hotel Mykonos Greece | Gardenista

Above: The key to staying cool: a whitewashed balcony with sun filtering through bamboo poles. Learn how to recreate the look in DIY: Whitewashed Walls and Steal This Look: Greek Bamboo Canopy.

From Rosemary Field Guide | Gardenista

Above: Looking for one of the easiest Mediterranean ingredients to grow? "For a plant believed to boost memory, rosemary is hardy enough to be forgotten," writes Amanda in this week's Field Guide

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