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Trending on Gardenista: Hedge Fun in France

July 18, 2014 5:00 PM

BY Remodelista Team

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Like us, Gardenista has gone down a rabbit hole that leads to all things French. Get your cloud-shaped boxwoods, striped awnings, and zinc window boxes here. 

Above: In Shopper’s Diary, Mimi and Michelle drop in on Tom des Fleurs in his 100-square-foot Paris flower shop that he designed himself. “During the redesign,” Michelle writes, “Tom literally dreamed about the space: the running water, the walls covered with frescoes, the small loft where he could live, floating about the sea of flowers.”

Above: The subject of this week’s 10 Easy Pieces, Window Awnings, are “like baseball caps for houses.” We want one–and a Citröen, too. 

Above: How do you like your hedges? In this week’s Gardenista Roundup, Barbara presents boxwoods in every shape and size, including these plush cloud-shaped renditions in a Provence garden belonging to former Hermés designer Nicole de Vésian.

Above: Erin’s DIY Bouquet Garnis are “herbal tea bags” intended for cooking, but they’re pretty enough to put on display.

Above: “Make outdoor garden features visible from indoors”–lesson number one in 10 Garden Ideas to Steal from France. Note the zinc window boxes and the outdoor mirrors.

Above: In this week’s Garden Designer VisitDeborah Nevins, whose work extends from NYC’s Tribeca to Athens, Greece, shares her own private spread–complete with “hornbeam room” shown here. 

The finalists have been announced and now it’s your turn to weigh in. From now to August 8, place your votes in the Remodelista and Gardenista 2014 Considered Design Awards.