Trending on Gardenista: Growing Green by

Issue 16 · Going Green · April 25, 2014

Trending on Gardenista: Growing Green

Issue 16 · Going Green · April 25, 2014

This week, the Gardenista crew has been filling us in on sustainable gardens, steel cabins, and Henry David Thoreau's collaboration with today's climate scientists. Here are five of the most popular posts:

Tasi Masi concrete planter | Gardenista

Above: What every windowsill needs: a tiny Concrete Planter from Tasi Masi, Anna Macoboy's online shop. Of her material of choice, she explains, concrete is "affordable, accessible, and customizable." (For more on the topic, see our Remodeling 101 posts on Concrete Countertops and Polished Concrete Floors.)

Olson Kundig Sol Duc steel cabin | Gardenista

Above: Meredith shows us around an astonishing  Steel Cabin on Stilts that gives new meaning to minimal footprint.

High blueberry flower near Walden Pond | Gardenista

Above: In Global Warming: Tracking Climate Change, Courtesy of Thoreau read about how climate researchers have teamed up with the 19th century naturalist—and take a look at what's blossoming at Walden Pond.

Garage turned studio apartment by Hearth Studio | Gardenista

Above: Erin, our resident small-space-living guru, has us all captivated by the Outbuilding of the Week: A Garage Turns Studio Apartment. Most of the materials were repurposed or salvaged, including the kitchen sink. (And, yes, those are DIY leather cabinet pulls.)

Dahlia arrangement by Basil and Bergamot Flower Farm | Gardenista

Above: Did you know that 80 percent of flowers sold in the US are imported? And that 77 percent grown domestically come from California? Online resource Field to Vase is out to plant seeds across the country. Discover the Local Flower Farm Movement in Sophia's report—and where to source flowers from PA to CA. The dahlia arrangement shown here is by Emily Daniel of Basil and Bergamot Flower Farm in Franklin, Tennessee. 

Wishing you could instantly identify flowers and trees? See There's An App for That. Need help getting going on your garden? Let Michelle fill you in on 10 Essential Gardening Apps.

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