Ticking Goes Luxe at Ian Mankin by

Issue 48 · The Rural Life · November 27, 2012

Ticking Goes Luxe at Ian Mankin

Issue 48 · The Rural Life · November 27, 2012

How do we love ticking? Let us count the ways.

Tried and true; it’s a reliable staple that’s always classic, fresh and versatile. But what if you were looking for something a bit more glamorous and feeling the inclination to stray and yet not wanting betray your great true love? British patriarch of ticking and other utility fabrics Ian Mankin celebrates 30 years of making natural and organic fabrics and mixes a bit of racy velvet in with the beloved ticking for just the right balance of rough luxe. To see the full line, go to Ian Mankin.

Ian Mankin, chair with cushions made from ticking fabric and velvet

Above: A stack of pillows made from ticking with velvet backings.

Ian Mankin, cushions made from ticking and velvet

Above: Ian Mankin now offes a bespoke cushion service with the fabric and size of your choice (you can even have them backed in velvet).

Ian Mankin, couch with ticking fabric swatches and a pile of ticking cushions

Above: Some purists will remain true to classic ticking.

Ian Mankin, lampshades from ticking fabric

Above: At Ian Mankin, even the lampshades come in ticking.

Ian Making, chair upholstered in ticking fabric and velvet

Above: A chair that has been upholstered in Ticking 2 Airforce; £22.50 per meter and Airforce Velvet; £45 per meter.

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