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The Butcher’s Daughter in New York City

April 26, 2013 7:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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Juice bars aren’t just for Californians anymore. Thanks to Heather Tierney of the Butcher’s Daughter, all of New York is addicted to concoctions of cactus pear, saffron, fennel, and more.

After her success with speakeasy Apothéke, Tierney moved on to open The Butcher’s Daughter, serving juice by Brandi Kowalski and vegan food from Joya Carlton. The 750-square-foot restaurant in Nolita was designed by Tierney’s concept and branding firm, Wanderlust, and features an ironic classic butcher shop vibe: think meat hooks, antique scales, and pulleys hanging from the ceiling; yellow industrial bar stools; and tables and countertops are made of wood as thick as a butcher’s block.

 Above: The Butcher’s Daughter is located at 19 Kenmare Street. Photograph via 70 Percent Pure.

Above: Fresh fruit captive in net bags hang from a vintage meat hook. Photograph from Eater New York.

Above: Tierney purchased the metal industrial stools from Adiorndack, a supply store online, then painted them yellow: “they are sturdy and affordable since they are meant to be used in classrooms.”

Above: Swing stools below the countertop were salvaged from an old 1930s cafeteria. Tierney found the stools at Brimfield and had the posts made custom by a metal worker along with the iron butcher rails that hang from the ceiling.

Above: Cold pressed juices and wheatgrass at the ready.

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