Mediterranean Meets Pacific Northwest: Bar Sajor in Seattle by

Issue 85 · Travels with an Editor: Barcelona · August 16, 2013

Mediterranean Meets Pacific Northwest: Bar Sajor in Seattle

Issue 85 · Travels with an Editor: Barcelona · August 16, 2013

I've been tracking James Beard-award winning chef Matt Dillon for a while now (he's the force behind Sitka and Spruce and the Corson Building), so I headed straight to his latest venture when I landed in Seattle last month

At Bar Sajor in Seattle, Dillon pushes his culinary creativity by limiting his cooking source to a wood-fired oven. The space is equally boundary breaking: In collaboration with furniture maker Steve Withycomb, builder Edward Pierce, and graphic designer Eric Fisher, Dillon conceived, designed and built Bar Sajor's exotic interiors that transport you straight to Spain.

Bar Sajor Seattle Entry, Remodelista

Above: The entry to Bar Sajor is on the corner of Occidental Avenue S. and S. Jackson Street in the Pioneer Square area of Seattle. Image via Downtown Seattle.

Bar Sajor, Remodelista

Above: The interiors are a mix of simple (white beadboard wainscoting and ticking-covered seat cushions) and sumptuous (Moroccan-inspired elements and rich brass fittings) that creates an elegant vibe. Image via the blog of photographer Andrea P. Coan.

Bar Sajor, Remodelista

Above: The open kitchen is welcoming; you might be tempted to pull up a stool and start chatting with the chefs. Image by Curt Edwards courtesy of Bar Sajor.

Bar Sajor Wood Fired Oven, Remodelista

Above: The driving force behind the cooking at Bar Sajor: the wood-fired oven and rotisserie is the only heat source. Image by Janet Hall

Bar Sajor, Remodelista

Above: Wall reliefs above the oven were created and installed by Seattle artist Tamara Codor.

Bar Sajor Tamara Codor Objet Trouve Mirror, Remodelista

Above: Ornate Objet Trouve mirrors by artist Tamara Codor add a Baroque element to the space. Image by Belathee Photography via Codor Design (where you can see more of Tamara's Bar Sajor installations).

Bar Sajor from Above, Remodelista

Above: There is a mix of a bar-style and cafe seating. Image by Curt Edwards courtesy of Bar Sajor.

Bar Sajor, Remodelista

Above: The same creativity and attention to detail that makes Dillon's food stand out permeates the space.

Oyster Shells as Butter Containers, Remodelista

Above: Oyster shells as herbed butter serving dishes. Image by Janet Hall.

Bar Sajor Table Setting, Remodelista

Above: At the table: simple linens, vintage-style flatware and Moroccan tea glasses. Image by Janet Hall. 

The London Plane Entry, Remodelista  

Above: And, just two weeks ago, Dillon unlocked the doors to the London Plane, a wine-bar-cum-event-space-cum-shop across the pedestrian street from Bar Sajor. A return trip is on my list. Image by S. Pratt via Seattle Eater.

The London Plane Interior Bar, Remodelista  

Above: A collaboration between Dillon and Katherine Anderson, the owner of floral design shop Marigold and Mint, London Plane will eventually have two spaces. The second space, targeted to open later this fall, will house their bread and pastry production, a retail bakery, and floral shop. Seattle Eater offers a great Look Inside London Plane

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