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Remodelista New England Market Spotlight: Coral & Tusk

November 03, 2015 12:00 PM

BY Justine Hand

Building on decades of experience in the textile industry, Stephanie Housley, designer and owner of Coral & Tusk, has embarked on a new concept: fabric by the yard, available not just to the trade but also to the general public.

In addition its signature embroidered designs, which feature narrative characters and natural motifs, Coral & Tusk’s new yardage also features the non-narrative, Wayfarer collection. Characterized by bold striped, lattice and geometric patterns, this line is inspired by the native landscapes, traditions, and crafts that Housley encounters on her travels.

To see the collection up close and personal, stop by Remodelista’s first New England Market at Lekker the weekend of November 14-15.

Photos by Martin Scott Powell unless otherwise noted. Styling by Amy Lipkin.

Above: Reminiscent of Moroccan wedding blankets, Coral & Tusk’s Berber Sequin fabric adds a subtle bit of sparkle to your home; $296 a yard. Next to this rest pillows in Berber Black on Ivory; $164.

Above: Portico Indigo Yardage features bits of gold and silver thread stitched onto a background of midnight blue; $328 a yard.

Above: A glimpse of Coral & Tusk’s new pillow collection for fall, featuring brightly stitched patterns on 100 percent linen. Styles include Souk Ivory Lumbar pillow; $252, Berber Bright on Ivory; $294, and Portico on Ivory Lumbar Pillow; $356.

Above: Yardage in Portico Bright, Portico Indigo, and Berber Sequin.

Above: Thousands of tiny stitches make up the patterns on Coral & Tusk’s fabrics. A detail of Portico Indigo shows the fine quality of the embroidery.

Above: Scandi-inspired snowflakes adorn Coral & Tusk’s Nordic Diamond Yardage; $172 a yard.

Above: A Herringbone Diamond Pillow; $132; and Navy Quill Lumbar Pillow; $196.

Above: Fabric yardage is also available in Coral & Tusk’s signature patterns, inspired by the natural world, including their Pattern and Border collections. Photos by Kate Lacey Photography.

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