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A Fashion Designer’s Color-Blocked Cafe in Copenhagen

April 17, 2014 5:00 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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A good friend of mine recently alerted me to a new cafe masterminded by fashion designer Henrik Vibskov (we both share an affinity for his avant-garde clothing). The cafe is located in Copenhagen’s Papirøen (Paper Island), near The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts where my friend is studying, and it’s the best place for a quick dose caffeine and color inspiration between classes.

Den Plettede Gris (“The Spotted Pig”) is actually the result of Vibskov leasing a few buildings in Papirøen, one of which is his brand’s main studio; a condition of the lease was establishing a public coffee bar in one of the locations. Where did the name Den Plettede Gris come from? “Pigs have been my animal symbol for fifteen years,” Vibskov told the site Frame Web. The designer’s graduation project at Central Saint Martins in 2001 was pig oriented. The cafe’s wild interior design–bright blocks of pastel and black rubber bands at odd angles–is inspired by the inside of a piano. Read on to open the lid of the piano.

Photography from Henrik Vibskov and 12hrs.

Above: Den Plettede Gris is set in a 19th century farmhouse building that Vibskov, not uncharacteristically, painted black.

Above: Along with a tall citrus tree, flowers in terra-cotta pots form an early spring display at the entrance of the cafe.

Above: The menu is straightforward: coffee, soda, wine, and beer; in warm weather, ice cream is also on offer.

Above: The couture interior features a series of custom pendant lamps and low-hanging tubular light bulbs over a color-blocked counter.

Above: Stretched between a series of pine pegs are black rubber bands intersecting and bending as they move up the wall.

Above: The small cafe is just 14 square meters (about 150 square feet) in size.

Above: Uniforms are an extension of the Vibskov fashion brand: oversized button-up shirts read Team Vibs.

Above: In typical Copenhagen fashion, bike storage can be found out back.

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Location of Den Plettede Gris in Copenhagen: