Cold Press Gallery in Norfolk by

Issue 51 · Winter Cabins · December 17, 2012

Cold Press Gallery in Norfolk

Issue 51 · Winter Cabins · December 17, 2012

From the overcrowded busy print studios of London, Kate and Ben Lawrence have created an oasis in Norfolk for artists as well as shoppers in the Cold Press Studio and Gallery.

With backgrounds in the London art world, the empathetic Lawrences wanted to give artists time and space to explore intaglio printmaking. First they provided the artists with a studio in which to work and a cottage in which to stay. It soon became apparent that the artists needed a space in which to exhibit, and the congenial couple created a gallery where the work being produced in the studio could be showed alongside exhibitions of invited artists and makers. In November of this year, they moved the gallery into its new home—an old Methodist meeting hall in the Georgian market town of Holt. "I suppose our main aim is collaboration—we like putting people together who might not have worked together otherwise, and this extends to the shop, where we display work that fits together," Lawrence says. For more information, go to Cold Press.

Remodelista, Cold Press, portraits by Kai Samuels-Davis lined up on mantelpiece

Above: Portraits by Californian artist Kai Samuels-Davis sit on the mantelpiece. "With two young children, and living in the depths of North Norfolk, several of our relationships with these artists have almost entirely been conducted through email. Kai Samuels-Davis, who is based on the west coast of America and has been showing with us for several years, is a perfect example of this—it's almost like having an old fashioned correspondence," Lawrence says.

Remodelista, Cold Press, Brickett Davda ceramic bowls on glass table

Above: The proportions of the early 1800s Methodist Hall provide a simple and austere background to the objects on display. The glazes of the ceramic bowls by Brickett Davda are inspired by the English light.

Remodelista, Cold Press, Potomak Studios ceramics on Sebastian Cox vitrine and on the floor

Above: Ceramics by Potomak Studios sit on a Sebastian Cox vitrine as well as the floor.

Remodelista, Cold Press, office, Mc & Co. organic mirror on wall

Above: A pebble shaped mirror from Brooklyn's Mc & Co hangs in the office of Cold Press (also see Revisiting Mc & Co. in Brooklyn).

Remodelista, Cold Press, Artist Chair 1 & 2, Osi Masanori, Futagami, brass pendant light

Above L: Artists Chair 1 & 2 designed and built out of hazel by coppice master Sebastian Cox with commissioned fabric from Richard Saja (hanging) and Susie Cowie. Above R: The faceted brass pendant light is designed by Japanese architect Oji Masanori and produced by Futagami. N.B.: See London Design Week: Hazel Pendant Lighting to see more about Sebastian Cox and coppicing.

Remodelista, Cold Press, Mari Andrews leaf sculpture, Kaori Tatebayashi black ceramic vessels

Above: A "Small Leaf" sculpture by Mari Andrews hangs above ceramic vessels by London artist Kaori Tatebayashi.

Remodelista, Cold Press, Tim Willey charred sycamore vessels, Futagami brass trivets

Above :. Local Norfolk artist Tim Willey makes charred sycamore vessels from his own 12 acres of woodland, which provide him with a continuous supply of sustainable materials. Above R. Brass trivets by Oji Masanouri are produced by Futagami in Japan.

Remodelista, Cold Press, Akiko Hirai ceramic vessels

Above: Vessels by London-based ceramicist Akiko Hirai are a personal favorite. My burgeoning collection of two sits on my desk at home, providing me with continuous inspiration.

Remodelista, Cold Press, ceramics on table

Above: A collection of available ceramics at Cold Press.

Remodelista, Cold Press, gray front door

Above: The Methodist meeting hall where Cold Press has recently moved was built in the early 1800s and originally had to be disguised as a town house from the exterior, due to the apparent unpopularity of the religion at that time.

N.B.: Visiting the Georgian market town of Holt, Norfolk, can feel like a step back in time. To see a decidedly old-fashioned clothing business in the same town, see Old Town in Holt, Norfolk.

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