ISSUE 7  |  Winter in the Desert

Cabinet Pulls with Character

February 16, 2012 4:30 PM

BY Leilani Labong

San Francisco furniture designer Ted Boerner has an antidote for that cheerless cabinet, drab chest of drawers, or dreary door in your life.

Drawing from his background in theatrical set design, Boerner has created a collection of sculptural knobs and pulls for Idaho-based Rocky Mountain Hardware. By juxtaposing an architectural aesthetic with the primitive allure of hand-forged metal (in this case, recycled art-grade bronze, available in a range of patinas), Boerner has designed five collections—Shift, Bird, Tab, Brut, and Empire—which exhibit imperfections both inherent (from sand- and investment-casting processes) and carefully considered (asymmetrical silhouettes). Boerner's aim was "sculpturally bold forms that function as jewelry for furniture."

Above L: The Shift Knob is shown here in silicon bronze, which will darken over time; $44. Above R: Seen here in white bronze, the shine on the Square Tab Pull will dull with age; $47.

Above: The appeal of the Shift Pendant comes from its asymmetrical "tassels" and rusty patina; $129. The Tab Pendant can be used as a character-building pull or latch; $69.