Artist Style: 7 Studio-Inspired Smocks by

Issue 84 · In the Art Studio · August 9, 2013

Artist Style: 7 Studio-Inspired Smocks

Issue 84 · In the Art Studio · August 9, 2013

True confession: in second grade I wore a black beret to the first day of school (my classmates were not impressed). Nothing  much has changed; I still aspire to dress like an artist. But at least I'm not alone; lately I'm noticing "artist's smocks" and "painter's dresses" everywhere. Here are seven garments guaranteed to make you look like you wield a paintbrush as a profession. 

Black Crane Painter Dress Remodelista

Above: From Momoko Suzuki's LA-based line Black Crane, the Painter Dress in 100 percent cotton features a frayed detail on the sleeve and bottom hem; $150 at Mohawk General Store.

La Garconne Painter Smock Remodelista

Above: Made of Japanese cotton in NYC, the La Garconne Painter Smock is available in black or chalk; $350 at La Garconne.

Pipsqueak Chapeau Coat Remodelista

Above: Pip-Squeak Chapeau's Sugar Coat, made in Brooklyn, is made of hand-dyed 100 percent cotton; $385 from Pip-Squeak Chapeau.

Le Bouton Dress Remodelista

Above: We've discussed Le Bouton before (see French-Inspired Fashion from Freedom, Maine); Lisa Dorr's relaxed linen and cotton pieces have an artistic appeal.

Mill Mercantile Work Smock Remodelista

Above: Handmade in San Francisco, the Japanese Cotton Twill Work Smock is $360 at Mill Mercantile.

Margaret Howell Artist Smock Remodelista

Above: Christine and I both own UK designer Margaret Howell's Artist's Smock (quick, you can get one too if you act fast; it's on sale at La Garconne for $106.40; down from $152.)

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