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5 Quick Fixes: Wooden Beads as Decor

January 10, 2012 4:30 PM

BY Alexa Hotz

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Noticed lately: wooden beads as decor. Here are a few examples of stylishly arranged wooden strands; we’re inspired to try this ourselves.

Above: A “home necklace” spotted on Annaleena’s Hem.

Above: A strand draped in a ceramic dish seen at Loppelilla.

Above: Wooden beads used to create a coat rack and an kitchen trivet. Photographs by Trine Thorsen via Lahell.

Above: A minimalist alternative to a bead curtain, the Swing Necklace by Johanna Richter.

Above: More examples of how Irene Finne of Loppelilla decorates her space with strands of beads.

Above: Necklace of wooden beads from Moa og Kaffekoppen.

Above: Wooden beads in a room photographed by James Greer, via Desire to Inspire.