ISSUE 45  |  Scandinavian Rustic

5 Quick Fixes: DIY Toilet Roll Holders

November 11, 2011 7:30 PM

BY Julie Carlson

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In December's British Vogue, we were praised for providing "the scoop on everything from trestle desks to loo roll holders," so we thought we'd better get busy sourcing some new ideas: here are five quick fixes for the tissue issue.

Above: Glimpsed in a European bath (spotted on OWI): a rubber strap used as toilet roll holder. For a similar look, consider the Strap by NL Architects for Droog ($30).

Above: Two nails with a twisted length of cotton yarn comprise this toilet roll holder in a Copenhagen bath; via OWI.

Above: We've long admired the branch hooks from Live Wire Farm, used here as a rustic loo roll holder.

Above: For a nautical look, consider a wall-mounted cleat and a length of marine rope; via Projects by Laurie.

Above: Spotted on Desire to Inspire, the Uruguay home of Heidi Lender, which includes a wall-mounted crate for toilet roll storage.